Why A.I.C.T.E Accreditation or Approval is NOT REQUIRED OR MANDATORY by any UGC Approved University for conducting Technical Courses?

1) AICTE, All India Council for Technical Education is a National Level Council for technical education in the country. It is a statutory body that comes under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, (MHRD). AICTE was first established as a National level Apex Advisory Body in November 1945 but later on, in the year 1987, it was given a status of statutory body by an act of Parliament. The Council has the responsibility of conducting surveys on the available facilities for Technical Education in India, promoting the coordinated development and ensuring appropriate planning of the Technical Education System and Management Education System in India.

2) As per the Supreme Court Judgement dated 24th September 2001 in the case of Bharathidasan University Vs. AICTE & others Universities do not require any approval or accreditation of AICTE for conducting technical or any engineering programs. Only, those technical institutions/technical colleges which are affiliated to the Universities require the accreditation of AICTE. In the above-mentioned case the question before the Supreme Court of Law was whether a University needs prior Approval of AICTE to commence a department to impart a course or programme in technical education or a technical institution that is affiliated to the University itself to conduct technical courses of its choice.

3) According to the observations of the Supreme Court, a Technical Institution means an institution, which is not a University and offers courses and programs of technical education. Such institutions shall include any other institutions which the Central Government may declare as a technical institution by notification in Official Gazette. It is intended to be other than a University. Also, an University means as defined in Clause (f) of Section 2 of the University Grants Commission Act. It also includes those institutions which are deemed to be University under section 3 of the UGC Act. All the Universities are approved by the University Grants Commission, which is the highest authority as far as the universities are concerned. No university can commence or can exist without the approval of UGC. And once the UGC approval has been provided to the University then it has full power to start any new technical or engineering course that it wants and the requirement of Approval of AICTE for conducting such Technical Programs is not required.

4) As per the Honorable Supreme Court judgment, A.I.C.T.E approval is a must for the Technical Institutions but the U.G.C approved Universities are exempted from this A.I.C.T E approval for conducting such technical courses

5) However the standards of education and the syllabus of the technical course need the approval of A.I.C.T.E.

6) The University however can affiliate any technical institution for conducting technical courses and in that case such technical institution must have the A.I.C.T.E Accreditation or Approval but not the University.

7) To conclude any UGC Approved University u/s 2(f) or u/s 3 of the UGC Act or as notified subsequently can conduct either Diploma in Engineering or B.Tech or M.Tech Courses at their Campus within the State Jurisdiction and which will be conducted on full time regular mode basia by the respective Faculties of Engineering or the Board of Studies formed by such University as the case may be independently without the accreditation or approval of the A.I.C.T.E and all the certificates issued by such Universities are legally valid for getting employment in the Government or Semi Government organisations if at all eligible as notified by the Government.


a) If you study directly on a Full Time Regular Mode basis your Diploma in Engineering or B Tech or M.Tech at any University Campus located within its State Jurisdiction then such University does not require any A.I.C.T.E Approval or Accredition as the University is self authorized to conduct such courses and the certificates are legally valid for any employment including Government employment if found eligible.

b) However the above is not legally valid for the technical courses that are conducted by any University under ODL Or Distance Learning Mode Studies as A.I.C.T.E does not approve any technical course even conducted by any UGC Approved University under Distance Learning Mode or ODL Mode

c) There must be a properly constituted Board of Studies or Department of Faculties for each of the technical courses being conducted

d) The concerned University name must be in the UGC Website and not in the List of Fake Universities

e) The concerned University is appearing in the website of A.I.C.T.E as per the present prevailing policies of the Government

f) The University can run any trade of technical courses and such courses need to be displayed in the Prospectus of the University or in the Course or Syllabus List as declared by the University in its website

g) To know whether the Courses are approved by A.I.CT.E reference may be made in any documents either in their Bonafide Certificate or Admit Card or in the Admission Form or in the Board of Studies or Faculties or Department of Engineering or in any of its correspondence documents etc

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