Q1) What is the status of Emcons Business Academy ?

ANS : Emcons Business Academy was founded in the year 2010 and is a premium Educational Institute imparting professional technical training, tutorial education and industry desired skill development programmes to the students who are pursuing their courses in engineering and management streams at their University Campuses or in their affiliated Institutes or College end. These students who enrolled with their various Universities for studying their courses take up their regular studies in their affiliated Institutes/Colleges of the University or study directly in the University Campus as the case may be by complying and abiding with the mandatory class attendance requirement, discipline , rules and regulations, orders and directives of their University or affiliated college in order to be eligible for appearing in their final University exams. Such students apart from their academics with their University or affiliated college take our specialized rigorous professionalized tutorials, coaching and training in the job oriented skills development programme with special thrust on positive mind and attitude building, industry exposed work pressure and mindset building, soft skills development like daily classes on communicative and Spoken English, Hindi , ERP, Personality Development Grooming, interview preparation, case studies, critical situation studies, short course on Startup and Entrepreneurship Development Programmes etc which ultimately help them to become industry ready and attain very good academic results in their University examinations as well as to help them get their placements assistances from our end provided the student maintains atleast 75% class attendance and fulfils other basic eligibility criteria as explained below in point no 32. For those students who study in the outstation locations take their crash course training from our Institute only when they are available in Kolkata during their season vacations or during their long festival holidays or during internship period or during their exam leave period or otherwise as the case may be and in such a situation flexible study rosters shall be given to such students which include the evenings and weekends and on sundays and public holidays also to study and make up as much as possible the academic quality of the training. Please note that we are neither affiliated to any University nor its Study Centre nor its Franchisee of any type nor an Off Campus Study Centre of any University or any Government Body or Education Department etc and we do not provide any certificate of any sort for the academics pursued by the students. It is the University only which provides such certificates to them directly and our Institute name is nowhere mentioned in the academic documents given by the University or by their affiliated colleges. Further all the students studying their tutorials and various training programmes in our Institute collect all their academic documents directly on their own and at their own cost, risks and responsibilities either from their affiliated Institute, College or from their University end as the case may be like online admit cards ,bonafide certificates, exam admit cards, marksheets, provisional certificate, transfer certificates, migration certificates, final or convocation certificates or any other certificates or documents that may be required in this regard and we are nowhere responsible for arranging or collecting or organising or following up any such documents neither authorised to do so. We are also a Career Counsellor representative of the Swami Vivekanand University which is a private University located at Sagar, Madhya.Pradesh . Besides this University we are also associated with the Mahakaushal University located in the outskirts of Jabalpur City, Madhya Pradesh as their Knowledge and Mutual Education Cooperation Representative in addition to imparting Career Counselling. These two Universities are currently U.G.C approved and recognised by the Ministry of Human Resouces and Development, Govt of India and has the approval of the State Government of Madhya Pradesh by the promulgation of an Ordinance. The various courses of these Universities are currently approved by A.I.C.T.E, I.N.C, B.C.I, P.C.I, N.C.T.E and other related approving bodies as is evident from the University documents. Further we have gathered that the students with the certificate of these Universities are eligible to appear in all State and Central Government Competitive Exams for getting jobs and are also eligible to get all type of Caste Scholarships provided they satisfy the criteria and eligibility conditions both at State Government and also at the National Level and that Banks and other Government Bodies are also giving education loans and financial assistances to the eligible students pursuing their studies in these University or in its affiliated colleges. The students are also eligible to appear in other West Bengal State Government Entrance Exams like JELET or JECA or other All India Entrance Exams like GATE, MAT, CAT, GMAT etc for their higher studies. During counselling we only share the basic career and course related academic information, the prevailing course fee structure etc and show them for verification all the related documents pertaining to the technical and non technical courses of this University to the students who wish to pursue their academic study at the University or affiliated College end directly on their own and at their own costs and risks and stay in the University or in its affiliated College hostel as the case may be. The students who are desirous of taking their admission in this Swami Vivekanand University ,Sagar M.P or in Mahakaushal University fill up their admission forms and upload their academic details online on their own directly in the University Portal subject to satisfying all their eligibility and basic admission criteria. The University if satisfied with the basic verification of the details issues Registration and Enrolment Number to each of these students currently through the online mode and the student takes a printout of this online registration details since no hard copy of admit card is given by this University. The student on the basis of this online admit card have to go to the University with all their original academic and personal documents for verification and confirmation of their admission after which they are given currently a Bonafide Certificate on submission of their School Leaving Certificate or Migration Certificate as the case may be which is construed as an Admit Card for seeking their admission and for getting their scholarships if found eligible and the students thereafter start taking their academic classes in the University or in their affiliated College as per the roster notified by them. In course of the counselling the University Rules and Regulations prevailing on that date are also clearly explained to them particularly the eligibility, mode of directly studying at the University or affiliated College Campus end ,the mandatory attendance etc. They will be permitted to stay in the University or affiliated college hostel on their own cost and risks. The students will have to give their exams in the University or affiliated college campus at Sagar or at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh on their own and at their cost and risks and they will have to collect all their exam hall tickets, marksheets of all semesters, provisional certificates, transfer and migration certificates , final or convocation certificates or any other related documents directly from the University or its affiliated College on their own cost and risks such documents and certificates and our Institute shall under no circumstances be responsible for collecting or arranging or following up of these certificates and other academic documents at any point of time as because we are not authorized to do such activities on behalf of the University or its affiliated College but also such work or service does not fall within the scope of our work , duties and responsibilities. If any of such student desires to take our professional coaching, tuitions and industry specialized skill development training for the technical courses at our Institute they can do so only when they are available in town during their vacations or study leave vacation or during their exam or festival leave or during their industrial internships period or under any other reasons as explained above either from the University or affiliated College end and they will be given a crash and aggressive method of study programmes starting from 8 am till 4 pm from monday to saturday and also the special classes on sundays and holidays. The basic interest of our students to take admission in our Institute is because of the very interesting, promising and positive career oriented skill development programmes with the placements assistances being offered voluntarily and at a ver reasonable ,economical, affordable monthly tuition fee. Apart from this we as a very special case try our best to help the students by giving part time placements assistances on case to case basis to the financially distressed students during their study duration at our end only and in various non trade related skills area like in malls , auto garage, bpo, workshop, online shopping, telestores small manufacturing units back office ,data entry, helper in any contracting agency etc and that such part time job assistances is purely of a voluntary service nature from our end and not any form of commitment or obligation or incentive for seeking the coaching admission in our Institute which may be noted here very carefully .Such part time job assistance facilities may or may not be given or withdrawn at any point of time if there are no such opportunities available and the number of such part time vacancies are very very few in numbers during a particular year and are purely based on the exigency and satisfying all the eligible criteria and is usually given after 6 months of attending the skills development training classes regularly and satisfying all the other eligible criteria and conditions .Please note carefully that the part time placement assistances are given only when the student is available in Kolkata during his/her training and academic coaching duration at our Institute and shall not be given when he/she takes her regular classes at the University or at the affiliated College end. There is a huge difference between the quality, benefits, scope, cost of the training as well as the placement assistances given by our Institute as compared to the same being taken from elsewhere and thus the students prefer us as their first choice or priority for taking these training from our Institute. It is also to be noted here that all the students who desires to take up their admission for our coaching and training programmes have to sign up a mandatory written admission agreement signed in presence of witnesses and their guardians where all the terms and conditions of the admissions are very clearly mentioned and explained in details in the vernacular language as well apart from showing them copies of the course related validity documents of the University and other approval documents as on date of the admission subject to any in between notification or directives given by any appropriate Government Body regarding validity of the courses etc. Our Institute shall not be responsible in event or any situation where the legal validity of the certificates issued by the said University is negated or challenged or not accepted by the Government or any Company as valid for any employment purposes in future. We do not have any branch or agents or any centres anywhere excepting the one shown in the contact details in this website and hence we advise all our prospective students seeking admission in our Institute to contact us directly instead of getting trapped by unauthorised persons. We do not charge any donations or any other extra charges or add any hidden charges in our tuition charges save and except the situation when additional burden of taxes and duties, cess or hike in University fees are imposed on us or on the students.

Q2) How can I get to know about the Placement Record of the College ?

ANS : You need to get the students' feedback first. There are many ways to get such feedback one major source is the Google Feedback and through the students forum in Face Book and other Social Media. Before taking admission you should also visit the College and ask them to show placement records and Campusing outcome for the last two years. Lastly you must take the students feedback personally by meeting them in the Campus and asking them about the Campusing record in last 3 years and how many Corporate Tieups the Institute has. For example if 120 Mechanical or Electrical Engg is passing out every year atleast 60-70 Mechanical and Electrical Companies should come for Campusing to give atleast 60-70% placements which generally does not happen in many Institutes because every Company will hunt for the best candidate out of the whole lot. Therefore all Institutes should ensure that the right education along with skills development is given to all so that they can crack the interview and get the placements opportunities.

Q3) Does Brand University or Institute counts for placements ?

ANS : Of late it is now seen that most of the brand Colleges are having less campusing offers basically because of demand supply situation and the sluggish growth in the industry. Brand Institutes bring Companies for Campusing but that doesn't mean there will be 100% Campus offers. Currently 60% of the students are not getting campus placements even in brand Colleges or Universities. The students of brand institutes have higher expectations of remuneration inspite of the fact that many of the Companies are not prepared to give a fresher such a high expected salary . The students spending huge amount of money in their education sees quick return of their investment in a years time which is not logical. Again most of the campusing gets frustrated with industry not finding the right quality students and fulfilling the criteria of the job profile even from the brand institutes.

Q4) How is the Placement Record of Emcons Business Academy ? ?

ANS : We provide placement assistances to all those who have attained minimum 75% class attendance and satisfied other mandatory criteria as stated in point no 32 below .We are very successful in our placement activities because we have developed relationship and made tie ups with many Companies over the last 9 years and these companies in turn have provided references of other Companies on a going basis. We are also associated with over 3000 HRs and Business Heads through social net working and from the huge database of such professionals from the various job portals. These Companies come to our Institute for Placements and once they are satisfied with the quality of our students they do repeat hiring and also gives other Company references. We train our students specifically in the manner the Industry desires by developing additional skill sets and grooming of the students.

Q5) In which trades or streams are the tutorial assistances and the training given by Emcons Business Academy ?

ANS : We give professional tutorial and skill development training services in Diploma in Engineering subjects of all trades and B.Tech Courses in the trades of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, Automobile, Electronics and Telecommunication, Fire & Safety, B. Pharmacy, B.Sc in Animation , BBA ,MBA, BCA ,MCA and in various Self Employability Training Programmes like that of Fitter, Electrician, AC Machines installation and maintenance, CCTV camera, plumbing, electronics items repairing etc.

Q6) Under which University can I take admission for study ?

ANS :It depends on your individual choice in which University or its affiliated College you select and get the chance to study based on your academic record and fulfilling other admission criteria of the affiliated colleges or the University and your ranking in the various State Level Entrance Exams . But currently we have majority of the students taking tuitions from us who are pursuing their full time regular mode studies and attending the mandatory classes under the Swami Vivekanand University, at Sagar Madhya Pradesh and also at Mahakaushal University, Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh and also giving their examinations directly in the University Campus or in their affiliated Colleges as per the schedule announced by them. It is gathered that the quality of the education ,the syllabus, the infrastructure , the workshops and the methodology of study at the University or at the affiliated College end is at par with with the best acceptable standards of education as compared to other good Universities and also at very economical and affordable fees.

Q7) )�What should be the legal validity of the Courses offered by any University for qualifying for Government Jobs ?

ANS : You are advised to go through the U.G.C , A.I.C.T.E and University website for seeking the details of every course that you wish to pursue and the validity of such courses. The Engineering, Management and Agriculture Courses are to be approved by A.I.C.T.E, the B. Pharmacy Course by P.C.I, the Nursing and Para Medical Courses by I.N.C, L.L.B Course by the B.C.I, the B,Sc Agriculture by the A.I.C.T.E.

Q8) I am a student studying in the Outside State University with partial attendance and giving the exams and practicals tests in the affiliated colleges or in the University end. Is it a Distance Learning or a Regular Learning ?

ANS : It is a regular learning as per the U.G.C Directives, Notification, Rules and Regulations as per the decision of U.G.C on Territorial Jurisdiction for doing regular learning courses. Since you are studying in the University end with regular classes whether with partial attendance or full attendance is equally applicable for regular study and its certification. But many affiliated Colleges and University have their own discipline of attendance and its fulfillment for getting eligible to appear in the University examinations. Further A.I.C.T.E had also approved such mode of exams as a regular learning provided the syllabus is approved by A.I.C.T.E and mandatory class attendance maintained.

Q9) I am studying in a University which is not AICTE approved. Is the Certificate for Engineering Courses valid for employment purposes?

ANS: Universities do not come under approval of A.I.C.T.E for running technical courses as per the Supreme Court decision in Bharthidarsan University Vs AICTE. However the Course must be approved by AICTE to get eligible for employment purposes in government or private companies and the mandatory classes should be attended for study of the course.

Q10) By taking Professional Training from Emcons Business Academy can I get placements assistances ?

ANS: Yes ,provided you satisfy all the eligibility criteria of getting the placements assistances like attending minimum 75% classes in our tutorial classes as per the flexible roster given by us , compulsory attendance in all industrial internships and practicals and workshops, mandatory attendance in all grooming sessions, ERP and Spoken English Classes, attaining academic record of 60% in the monthly mock tests and above all achieve a CGPA Score of 7 in the University exams. Please see details of our placement criteria and other details as explained in point in 32 below.

Q11) Can I study in B.Tech in West Bengal after doing Polytechnic from outside State University ?

ANS : Yes. You need to take up West Bengal JELET Exams and submit Mark sheets, Provisional Certificates, Migration Certificate and Transfer Certificate before the last date as announced by MAKAUT or any other private University in Bengal. This is subject to any changes made in the Rules and Regulations by the University or State Government time to time.

Q12) I may have to take minimum 60%- 75% class attendance in the University Campus located outside the State of W.B . Then how can I take 75% attendance in your Institute ?

ANS: You will have vacations and other leave at your disposal from the University or its affiliated College end every Semester. A flexible roster will be designed in such a case where you shall have to take tuition and the skill development training classes from 8.20 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays and Public holidays on mutual consent basis between 9 am to 4 pm or in the evenings on weekdays from 4 pm to 9 pm when you are in Kolkata. These rosters will be customized to suit your availability in Kolkata and maximize the tutorial class hours to facilitate the loss of study hours. Suppose you take these additional tuition classes for one month continuously that is equivalent to taking 2 months of equivalent and effective classes in any affiliated College or University end in one semester as it is the general information available that most of these affiliated Colleges or University have generally and more or less 55 -60 working days effective classes in a semester duration after adjustment of 24 days weekly off (Sundays),22 days off for Public Holidays ,30 days for Summer and Winter Vacations and 15 days for the examination preparation, 15 days for the examination duration and another 7-10 days post examination leave etc. The 75% tuition and training attendance criteria at our Institute end has to be achieved only during the roster period allotted to you. However the fees for the tutorial and training classes will be charged considering the semester period of six months of study at the University end or in its affiliated College as because it is covering the entire semester wise academic coaching and related technical skill development . If you take one month of our Academic Tuitions cum Skills Training Classes it works out to almost 165 hours of physical classes with hands on training which is quite adequate to cover up the desired level of academic as well as the industry prescribed skill training performance

Q13) Will you issue any certificate that I have taken any tuition from your Centre ?

ANS: No, as we are only an independent professional private tuition and technical training institute imparting you coaching and training in the professional courses pursued by you from your selected University or its affiliated Colleges. The University will issue the Certificates , Marksheets etc .But in cases of our own self developed multi skill development and training programmes we give a Certificate of Proficiency on the nature of skills developed for the purpose of facilitating them in getting our placements assistances.

Q14) Is studying Engineering without physical class attendance valid?

ANS: NO. You must take the minimum mandatory classes at either the A.I.C.T.E Approved Engineering Institute or directly at the U.G.C Approved University end and and not any Deemed University or any Open University. A.I.C.T.E does not approve any Engineering study under Distance Learning mode. But there are many Institutes like the AMIE, Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IME), Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE), CETI, etc where the Engineering Courses are conducted without any physical class attendance. The Government had approved such Engineering Courses of AMIE as equivalent to B.Tech for employment purposes. Though it is understood that A.I.C.T.E had given provisional approval to such courses being conducted by the ICE, IEE, IME etc but left it to the Government of India to approve the Certificates issued by such Institutes as to whether they are valid for appearing any Government employment. Similarly Indira Gandhi Open University also conducts various Engineering/ Technical Courses under Distance Learning Mode with A.I.C.T.E Approval given in the past with contact class rooms programmes , study mode and doing the various practicals and workshops under School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) concept. Such Engineering Certificates issued by IGNOU has been granted approval by the Government for Government jobs/ employment purposes. These matters are constantly under many legal reviews and are even being contested in various Courts Of Law as being gathered from various sources. But the fact remains physical class rooms study and attendance is mandatory in any A.I.C.T.E Approved Institute or University for making the certificate legally valid.

Q15) Can UGC or AICTE intervene in the matter of issuing Diplomas or Certificates for various Technical Courses by an University?

ANS : Please refer to the FAQ hosted in the UGC website where it has been clearly clarified that the UGC shall not interfere in the University matters regarding issue of the Diploma or Certificates for the Technical Courses. The Council or Senate of the University is given the sole authority to decide upon the manner and conduct of the study and also issue of Certificates for both the Diploma in Engineering and the various Certificate Courses.

Q16) What is the minimum general attendance needed to study Diploma Or B.Tech Courses?

ANS : It varies from Institute to Institute and Universities. Some brand Engineering Colleges and Universities have stricter attendance norms of at least 75% failing which the students are not permitted to appear in their semester exams. Some have 60% attendance criteria. Considering there are around active 45 days physical class rooms study in every semester of 180 days the rest 135 days goes as offs/ leave by way of Saturday and Sundays ( 48 days) , Public Holidays ( 20 -22 days) Vacations ( 30-35 days), Pre and Post Exam Leave (15-20 days) Exam Duration ( 21) days). These are the general off days which are found in 90% of the Institutes/Universities So out of the remaining 40- 45 days at least 60% must be the physical attendance as the minimum mandatory attendance i.e. 24-27 days each semester in order to appear in the semester exams but it is always recommended to have full attendance in order to grasp more and more on the academic knowledge and building a strong foundation in the technical concepts.

Q17) I have passed my Diploma in Engineering and want to do my B.Tech by doing a full time job. Can I do it simultaneously?

ANS: No. You have to study your B.Tech on a full time regular mode at the affiliated AICTE Approved Institute or in the University and must maintain the mandatory class attendance as stated above. But if you want to do a part time job after or before your class study hours then you can surely do your B.Tech Course.

Q18) Is your Institute approved by AICTE or by any Govt Approval ?

ANS: No. We are a Tutorial and Training Institute conducting professional studies and industry focussed coaching of the various select courses pursued by the students of the various universities. The students study in the University directly or in any of their affiliated Institutes by attending the mandatory classes and in addition takes our professional coaching for academic excellence and for getting placements assistances.

Q19) Which career is better in terms of employability - Diploma with Lateral B.Tech or 4 yrs B.Tech?

ANS : Diploma with Lateral B.Tech because this combination of the academia has more of practical and workshops exposure and Industry prefers this choice for recruiting engineers.

Q20) Which trade of engineering is better in terms of employability?

ANS : All trade has employability opportunities if the quality of the students education is very good and they have done enough training in practicals and workshops. But currently the IT industry is passing through recessionary influences and hiring is slowing down.

Q21) I am a B.Tech (IT/ CS) and has not got any placements and without a job .What should I do now ?

ANS : You should immediately take up additional courses in Hadoop Technology, IOT, Paithon , Cloud Computing etc so that you upgrade your professional expertise.

Q22) I am a working Executive. Can I study B.Tech without any classes ?

ANS: No , as you have to study in affiliated Institute campus or at the University end and undertake requisite mandatory theory practicals and workshops classes AICTE does not approve engineering study without any classes.

Q23) I have passed Class XII in Science .What courses can I do for my career ?

ANS: Apart from Polytechnic or B.Tech courses you can also do B.Pharmacy or B.Sc in Agriculture which are now mostly in demand by the Industry and for appearing in Govt Exams.

Q24) There is huge unemployment in all trades. How can I get employed?

ANS:You should step in any job even though the salary or other terms are not of your choice. Once you get a 3 year experience you have a very good chance of a better career. For hunting your job you can take the help of Recruitment Consultants and be ready to relocate. You may mail your resume to us also for giving our professional services in your placements.

Q25) Does good infrastructure means good Campusing ?

ANS: Not always. Please see reply in point 3.

Q26) Many Institutes or Universities have integrated courses. How are these?

ANS: These are good combination and students can take up such integrated courses subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria.

Q27) How is Nursing Course or Bachelor in Medical Technology?

ANS: These are good courses and are in high demand because of increased expansion of medical services across the Country.

Q28) If I do not crack good JEE or MAT score shall I dropout to appear in next year?

ANS: It will be unwise a decision to dropout and waste a vital one year of academics. Because good JEE rank means good Govt or Private Engineering College. If it doesn't happen you can study in the next best College as per your Counselling and go ahead with your career without wasting time. But if you have a strong desire to go to IIT and have made a near miss you can try again in the next year but not beyond.

Q29) Is there any Part Time Polytechnic Courses available ?

ANS: Yes recently WBSCTEVD had approved Part Time Polytechnic Courses to be conducted in evening class mode which has AICTE approval for a 5 year duration. Please see the website accordingly for more details.

Q30) Your Institute has various Job oriented Skill Development Programmes. What is the criteria for such programmes ?

ANS: There are 15 such programmes and the Certificate of Profiency is given by the Institute itself not by any Government Body or Board or any University. The criteria is that the student should be of minimum 18 yrs of age and a class X and beyond pass outs .These certificates are the Institutes own and does not have any University or Education Board or Government Approval. After the Training is over the students are given placements assistances in the entry level technicians profile as per their competency levels subject to availability of vacancies and also eligibility and criteria. For more details about such courses please contact our counsellors.

Q31) Can I get Education Loan or Loan from Government Department for Caste or Minority Cases ?

ANS: Yes you can get Education Loans from the Bank and also from the WB SC ST OBC Development Finance Board and from the Minority Commission as well subject to your eligibility and satisfying the basic conditions for taking such loans.

Q32) What is the Placement Assistance Eligibility criteria in case I take private tuition and training on the professional courses in your Training Institute ?

ANS: The criteria is:

a) You must have 75% class attendance in respect class schedule allotted and notified by the Institute.
b) You must attend all industrial internships and maintain 90% class attendance thereat.
c) You must appear in all the mock tests and score atleast 60% in such mock tests.
d) You should have a CGPA Score of 7 in the University results where you study.
e) You have maintained all good in discipline and code of conduct manners etc and paid your tuition fees without any default.
f) You followed the general code of conduct discipline manners etc as laid down in the Admission agreement.
g) No interview call should be dropped. If interview not attended then the placement assistance shall be declined.
h) All placements shall be on Pan India basis. No specific choice for job profile or location or salary or any other criteria shall be requested and if done the placements assistance shall be treated as declined.
i) No placements assistance shall be given if the students avails placement on his/her own.
j)No placement assistance shall be given if the student fails to take appropriate skill development and interview preparation of the Institute.

Q33) I am going to pass B.Com. Shall I study M.Com or MBA??

ANS: MBA and get trained in ERP Tally GST and Business Analytics.

Q34) I am just a B.A Graduate and unemployed. What should I do now?

ANS: Take immediately Communicative English Classes to improve your English and also a Computer Advance Excel Classes and start looking for a Back Office job through the help of Placement Consultants. Simultaneously prepare exhaustively for all Government jobs and achieve to get success. If you wish to do higher studies you can study MBA or Mass Communication or Event Management or Pschyology or LLB to practise as a professional advocate.

Q35) How is LLB as a career ?

ANS: Very Good. In the years to come legal service industry will grow by leaps and bounds with various economic reforms and changes in the socio economic structure of the society and multiplicity of offences.

Q36) Is B.Tech in Chemical Engineering a good career option ?

ANS: The industry is presently sluggish in respect of engagement of chemical engineering trade but still it has got good demand in respect of overseas assignments and in certain specified industry in our country.

Q37) I am a B.Sc in Physics. What is my career prospect ?

ANS: You should have studied B.Tech in Mechanical or Electrical Stream. However you can do M.Sc in Physics and appear for SSC and UPSC Exams by preparing exhaustively. If you need a job immediately you must do MBA in Production Management or Operations or Logistics.

Q38) I am a class X pass out . What should I pursue?

ANS:3 Year Polytechnic Course in either Mechanical Electrical or Civil preferably after giving your State Level Entrance Examinations like JEXPO in WB or Diploma in Pharmacy or Diploma in Food Technology or Diploma in Fire and Safety and many more. Please consult our career counselor for more career related details.

Q39) Is Polytechnic better than B.Tech in terms of employability ?

ANS: Yes presently. Companies like to hire Polytechnic Students because the salary pay out is lower almost 40% - 50% of what is paid to a B.Tech and the students are involved in exhaustive hands on training like ITI with 50% of B.Tech Theory Knowledge. It is for this reason the hiring of B.Tech had been lower than Polytechnic Students by the Industry presently as per the trend of campusing seen from various press news.

Q40) How is ITI then compared to Polytechnic ?

ANS: ITI after Class X is generally a 2 year Course approved by NCVT. They are in high demand by the Industry with the designation of a Junior Technician. They however get a lower salary than Polytechnic Engineers who normally get the designation of a Supervisor or a Junior Engineer.

Q41) Is doing M.Tech a good career option ?

ANS: If you are pursuing to become a lecturer or going abroad for higher studies or for pursuing your dream to do research work or PhD you may do it. Industries in general are not very interested in M.Tech qualifications. Only for very senior level engagements in Techno Consulting Services this qualification is admired.

Q42) How is Nursing a good career option?

ANS: It is a very good career option as there is a high demand for nurses in our country since nurses are scarcely available in our country. In 5 - 7 years time you can become a Matron of a large hospital.

Q43) I have seen there is a craze for doing B.Pharmacy? How is it a career option ?

ANS: Yes this is a good career option because the medical industry is increasing by leaps and bounds. Govt Hospitals are increasing in many folds. Local health points are being constructed where pharmacists will be in high demand. Besides to get a licence for setting a medical store one must have a B. Pharmacy qualification.

Q44) Is it better to purse Mining Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in terms of Job Opportunities ?

ANS:Mechanical Engineering..

Q45) How about doing Automobile Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in terms of getting quick jobs ?

ANS: You may do both but Mechanical Engineering is better as Automobile Industry is also hiring Mechanical Engineers.

Q46) How is Aeronatical Engineering a Career Option ?

ANS: A very good career option if you can crack Indian Army vacancy exams. For private airlines the demand is sluggish as per available reports and information.

Q47) What specialisation in MBA is a better career option ?

ANS: If you are doing MBA or PGDBM from IIMs or other Branded Institutes any specialisation will get you a good campus offers.But HR and Finance Specialisation fetch less remunerative campus offers than marketing which are in abundance.

Q48) I am doing CA. What else courses can I pursue later ?

ANS: As passing CA takes good amount of time unless you are exceptionally meritorious it is always advisable to do MBA ( Finance ) from a recognized Institute under any Local University with AICTE Course approval simultaneously which you can qualify easily in 2 years time. Later on you can do Company Secretary Course or CPA/ CFA.

Q49) Can I get a Govt. Job with outside State University Certificates ?

ANS:Yes. Most of our students pursuing their courses from Swami Vivekanand University have appeared in exam of Railways, Coal India, Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers, UPSC, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, PWD etc.

Q50) I may get a chance for admission in Govt College?Can I get placements from the College ?

ANS: If you rank below 1000 in Jexpo and 300 in Voclet or 1200 in JEE you can get the chance of getting admitted in very reputed Govt Colleges.Such Colleges have also good placement records.

Q51) I am doing Polytechnic Course now.What should be further higher studies route to a good career ?

ANS: B.Tech and after that M.B.A from a reputed Institute where Campusing record is very good.

Q52) Can I get Hostel arrangements if I study in your Institute ?

ANS: Yes. We shall arrange private mess or paying guest arrangements for both girls and boys very close to our Institute which are safe and secured. The cost of staying currently is between Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 inclusive of Boarding Lodging and Fooding.

Q53) What is your Fee Paying System ?

ANS: The Fees are to be paid on EMI basis.this fees include the Institute's tuition fees of Semester Subjects, Training for ERP and regular Spoken English, Industrial Training, Internal Tests, Personality Grooming Training, Practicals and Workshops, Special Classes and other fees as well.

Q54) Do you charge Donation and Capitation Charges ?

ANS: No.

Q55) Do you have any hidden cost of any nature ?

ANS:No. Our Tutorial Fees are inclusive of all charges and there are no hidden cost of any type on any account whatsoever.

Q56) What is the eligibility criteria for joining the courses you coach under various universities ?

ANS:For the Polytechnic Courses the general eligibility as per the Government Counselling shall be preferred ranking of the concerned State Level Joint Entrance Exams like Jexpo ( Upto 15000 rank ) or Voclet ( upto 7000 rank ). For B.Tech the JEE rank should be upto 10000. For B.Sc Agriculture or B.Pharmacy Courses the eligibility will be H.S ( PCM combination) with atleast 60% marks in aggregate and and for G.N.M Nursing the eligibility is H.S ( PCB) with atleast 60% marks in the aggregate and for BBA and BCA any H.S ( Arts ) or H.S ( Commerce ) eligibility. For MBA it is 50% of Graduation. Many private Institutes and Universities also conduct GDPI Session for final selection of the students for admissions and the decision of the University or its affiliated Institutes shall be final. The Admissions generally closes by 30st June unless specifically notified and classes for new batch starts from 15th July onwards unless it is a holiday or a Sunday. However due to current Covid19 pandemic the admissions process has been delayed inordinately and the last date shall be notified by the Government in due course of time which all the students are advised to be in connect with the Press News and MHRD Govt of India and respective State Govt Notification.

Q57) Can I study Polytechnic from Swami Vivekanand University or any other University and also do B.Tech from the same University ? Is any Lateral Joint Exams like JELET to be given ?

ANS: Yes. You have to appear for the State Level Joint Entrance Exams like that of JELET in West Bengal.

Q58) What is the Faculty Student Ratio in your Training Institite ?

ANS: 1: 22

Q59) What is the general salary band of Campusing offers for Diploma in Engg Students in the campusing done by the Affiliated Institutes or at the University end ?

ANS: The minimum salary is Rs 10000 and maximum Rs 16000 for Kolkata and for outside States its between 13500- 18000 with Subsidised Canteen and Boarding Lodging Facilities. The offers vary from Company to Company , Brand , Skill Knowledge of the students etc.

Q60) What other career courses do you recommend for normal H.S Arts Students from employability point of view ?

ANS: Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism , Hospitality Management, BBA, BCA, Mass Communication, Event Management, Psychology.

Q61) I am a student of other Institutes and have not received any Campus Offers. Can I get Placement Assistances from your Institute ?

ANS: Yes we shall try to give you the assistance subject to satisfying us about your academic and other Skills related performances. In case we find you inadequate to get the placement assistances you shall have to take a crash course of 3 months training at a very marginal cost.

Q62) I am from a Bengali Medium School. How can I suddenly catch up English Medium Academics ?

ANS: You have to anyway work hard to catch up speaking and writing English. Our Daily Spoken English Faculties will parallely develop your English Communication. Initially the faculties will speak in English and then clarify it in Bengali or Hindi and give the notes in English. Thereafter after 3 months all will be in English Medium study and all our students pick up very fastin this regard.

Q63) What are the profiles of your Faculties ?

ANS: All our faculties are having higher qualifications with teaching experiences. For example the Faculties of the Engineering courses are mostly M.Tech. in addition we have retired experienced Senior Engineers who are the Guest Faculties and the students have vast exposure in sharing the faculties experience.

Q64) Are there any Force Majeure Conditions applicable in case I take admission in your Institute?

ANS: Where our Institute is closed by the Order of the Government due to any disease which had caused an epidemic or a pandemic or due to any natural disasters or political turmoil or due to any war or any civic commotion or any politcal reasons or for any other specific reasons that are uncontrollable in nature or due to the closure of the business on account of non viability or financial distress grounds or due to any Govt Notification relating to the modus operandi of conducting the academics or due to announcement of any Taxes and Levies by virtue of which the Institute fails to recover it from the students then under such a critical situation the leftover students will have to forego their physical class room studies with immediate effect and complete their tuition by taking the assistances of whatever notes and other study materials that are made available to them prior to the date of such closure or incidents and subsequently as a result of this closure they shall have to pay their full left over Semester and the applicable Exams Fees to their concerned University as per the Semester and Exam Fee Structure of the University ( not the package fee structure of the Institute) and the student shall be personally responsible for following up and collecting their pending academic marksheet and all types of certificates on their own cost and risks. Our Institute shall under no condition or circumstances be responsible for arranging these documents or in respect of any assistance of whatsoever nature for coordinating or following up of any of the academic matters as well. In this connection while signing the Admission Agreement this Force Majeure Conditions is clearly and transparently explained in the document signed by the student and their guardians.

Q65) Are the fees once paid to your Institute refundable or transferable ?

ANS: NO. The fees once paid to us is neither Refundable nor Transferable nor Adjustable nor Assignable under any circumstances and even in case of seat booking the fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable nor assignable. Further it may be clearly noted here that all the monthly fees are to be paid on the 5th of every month failing which the student shall be marked absent in class and shall also not be allowed to attend the classes. Fees not paid beyond 15th of the month will entail strict disciplinary action including termination from the Institute with our right to recover the pending fees by taking resort to legal actions. Further no claims for relaxation of fees or making partial payment of fees shall be accepted under any circumstances of whatsoever nature including cases of non attending or non holding of the classes due to either doing a job or under any of the force majeure conditions or situations happening as explained in point no 64 above. The fees as per the Fee Package must be paid irrespective of the fact that the student had not attended their classes or was indisposed of or unable to pay the dues to any other personal challenges.

Q66) Does your Institute charge additional fees of any type during the course duration ?

ANS: Not in general. But if there are any instances of any additional burden of any taxes or duties or any Government levies due to implementation of any Government Rule or Regulations or any Statutory changes and compliances or any promulgation of new Acts having financial impact on the Institute directly or indirectly then in such a situation the student shall have to bear the impact of such additional financial burden. Further if their University or their affiliated college increases their semester course fee or exam fees or introduces any types of additional fees or penalties and fines of whatsoever nature then in such a situation the additional fees burden shall have to be paid by the students themselves and our Institute under any circumstances shall not be held responsible or accountable in such a situation. It is also clearly to be noted here that the students shall have to collect their own marksheets and all types of certificates and other academic documents from the University or their affiliated Colleges on their own and at their own cost and risks and our Institute shall under no circumstances be held responsible or accountable to collect such academic documents as stated above.

Q67) Does your Institute give Placements in Core Trades ?

ANS: Yes the placements are given by and large in the respective core trade areas on PAN India basis but there can be many occasions where non core work profile may be given and the student must accept it or else it will be considered as an offer drop. No specific choice of a particular location or a particular type of job, trade or role or a choice of a salary range shall be entertained under any circumstances and if insisted upon will be considered as a complete placement decline and no further placement assistance shall be provided again. All students seeking placement assistance must have a strong and positive mindset to work in a very rigorous work environment of atleast 9- 10 hours a day under a strict performance bench mark which need to be maintained at all times. For more detail information about the eligibility of our placements assistances please refer to the details given above under point no 32 above. Claims for partial refund of fees paid due to any placements assistance not provided shall not be entertained by us under any circumstances of whatsoever nature and no refund or adjustments or assignment of fees shall be entertained in this regard which may kindly be noted. It may be clearly noted down here that the placement assistance provided is purely voluntary and not an obligation or commitment of whatsoever nature.

Q68) What are your attendance criteria ?

ANS: A student is marked absent if he / she does not do homework or does not come on time or is not found in class in the second roll call or does not wear complete uniform or does not bring his/ her drawing sheet and drawing sets or note book or is found using mobile in the class room or continues to gossip in class inspite of first warning given. Guardians are communicated daily over phone and text sms if their ward does not attend class or has misbehaved and Guardians are called to attend a meeting if their student ward attains less than 75% class attendance or had not appeared in the monthly mock tests. Special classes are given to the non performing students and this is mandatory otherwise strict actions shall be taken. In case even after giving guardian call and issuing warning letter the student does not improve then he/she will be unconditionally terminated from the Institute without any refund of any fees paid but with our right to recover the loss of non payment of the pending fees by taking recourse to legal actions.

Q69) How are the practicals and workshops skills training done in your Institute ?

ANS: We do regular hands on practicals and workshops for the major portion of the academic syllabus as far as practicable for the diploma in engineering and other allied technical courses. In case of heavy industrial machines operations the practicals are done by regular field visits to the local industrial units and also through continuous audio videos presentations whereby the students get a feel about the various manufacturing processes. Regular tutoring and the functional use of the tools and appliances are also done in our class rooms and in the laboratory. In line with the industry expectations all the students of Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Trades do their inter learning skills development programmes of their respective trades for the greater absorption of their technical knowledge and skills .The students also get further exposure in hands on training at various industrial units at regular intervals by way of Industrial internships subject to being eligible for the same provided they have 75% class attendance record as well as attended all their monthly mock tests. Some of the pictures of the practical items that are available in our workshop are shown in this website under the heading "equipment". Wherever specially needed the students are advised to pursue their other workshops or practicals not being done as per their academic syllabus in other engineering colleges at their own cost in case they so desire.

Q70) Can I get some Part Time jobs assistance from your end to enable me to continue my tuition studies ?

ANS: Yes subject to your satisfying the eligibility and criteria of the job but you cannot compromise your tuition classes because the aim of our Institute is to give you adequate and quality coaching and training to enable you to get good career success. These part time jobs assistances may be in any domain and subject to your qualifying the interview. No particular choice of trade ,skill, company or salary will be entertained and in that case no further part time job offer assistance shall be given. These Part Time Jobs are very temporary in nature and payment of salary is based on a day to day attendance and work basis and there is no time period during which we can assist you in getting the part time job assistances neither any assurance to give you the placement facility. We shall only try to explore if there are any such type of job opportunities. It is to be clearly be noted that the part time placements is only given during your training period at our Institute and when you are studying your regular full time mode studies at the University end, no part time placements assistances shall be given.

Q71) Can I get SC ST OBC Scholarship from WB Govt in respect of studies done with any outside University study ?

ANS : As gathered from available sources you may get the scholarship from State Government provided you are studying in Bengal and your eligibility criteria for the scholarship is fulfilled. The scholarships are available at State Level and National Level also as per the criteria . For outside Universities you may avail National Scholarship in case the State Govt notifies that such scholarship facilities are not made available for Outside State University Students..

Q72) Can an Outside State University student get Kanyashree Scholarship ?

ANS : As of now NO.

Q73) What is your learning pedagogy at Emcons Business Academy ?

ANS: We have 6 days week classes with no summer or winter vacation for those students who are based in Kolkata and are studying locally in any of the affiliated Institutes or in the University campus as the case may be.. We give only 25 days holidays in a year. The students take their training and tutorial classes with our Institute based on their availability for the tutorial classes pre or post mandatory class hours in their affiliated college and or the mandatory attendance at University end which can be either in the morning shift or in the evening and on weekends etc. The outstation students take their tutorial classes during their leave vacations or exam leave from their affiliated institutes or University end and a flexible Crash Course Study Roster is given to them which includes tutorial hours from 8.20 am to 4 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm in the evenings and also on Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm. Students are given daily home works failing which they are marked absent. There are monthly mock tests and attendance is compulsory failing the students is suspended with guardian call. Regular practicals and industry prescribed workshop training are done in the Institute. Regular Spoken English, Hindi, ERP and Interview Techniques are also taught to succeed in placements assistances given by us as and when available and subject to the eligibility criteria as mentioned in point no 32 below. There is a rigorous industrial internship training assistance also. All the students are digitally connected and the faculties as well as the students who interact regular on academic matters. Regular video shows are done on various industrial workshops with special emphasis on Tool and Apparatus Identification and Test.The students get a grip of almost around 500 machines, tools, equipment technical knowledge and their functions. In addition the industry prescribed training is also done where students apart from technical training are explained about industrial safety, hygiene,work pressure, stress handling, critical situations handling, handling accidents and First Aid management etc.


As per the Government of West Bengal Order on reopening of all Educational Institutions, our Institute shall reopen from 16th November 2021 onwards by maintaining all the COVID19 Protocals and Directives. Double Dose Vaccination Certificate is mandatory to attend classes and all are hereby directed to wear Masks at all times inside and outside the premises, carry hand sanitisers with them, wear shoes, attend 33% in class strength and without which they will not be allowed to attend their classes. No student shall come to class if they have fever, cold, cough, throat and body pain until they produce a Medical Fitness Certificate. If any student or his family member is suffering from Covid19 then he/she must immediately inform the Administration Department so that actions for closing down the Institute for minimum 14 days compliance is followed.

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