a) Time : 3 Hours
b) Full Marks : 100
c) Negative marking of 1 No for wrong answer

Tick the right answer :

1) The function of ball bearing in a wheel is
A. To increase friction
B. To convert kinetic friction into rolling friction
C. To convert static friction into kinetic friction
D. Just for convenience

2) Which of the following pairs of physical quantities has the same dimension ?
A. Work and power
B. Momentum and energy
C. Force and power
D. Work and energy

3) An iron ball and a wooden ball of the same radius are released from the same height in a vacuum. The time taken by both of the these to reach the ground is
A. Roughly equal
B. Zero
C. Exactly equal
D. Unequal

4) A man is at rest in the middle of a horizontal plane of perfectly smooth ice. He can move himself to the shore by making use of Newton’s
A. First law
B. Second law
C. Third law
D. All the laws

5) On which one of the following conservation law ,does a rocket work?
A. Mass
B. Energy
C. Linear momentum
D. Angular momentum

6) If small raindrop falls through air
A. Its velocity goes on increasing
B. Its velocity goes on decreasing
C. Its velocity goes on increase for some time and then becomes constant
D. Its falls with constant speed for some time and then its velocity increase

7) Angle of friction and angle of repose are
A. Equal to each other
B. Not equal to each other
C. Proportional to each other
D. None of the above

8) Which of the following statements is false ?
A. A body can have zero velocity and still be accelerated
B. A body can have a constant velocity and still have a varying speed
C. A body can have a constant speed and still have varying velocity
D. The direction of the velocity of a body can change when its acceleration is constant

9) An athlete runs before long jump to get advantage on
A. Inertia of motion
B. Frictional force
C. Moment of a force
D. Principle of moments

10) When a running car stops suddenly ,the passengers tend to lean forward because of
A. Centrifugal force
B. Inertia of rest
C. Inertia of motion
D. Gravitational force

11) The inertia of an object tends to cause the object
A. To increase its speed
B. To decrease its speed
C. To resist any change in its state of motion
D. To decelerate due to friction

12) A goalkeeper in a game of football pulls his hands backwards after holding the ball shot at the goal .this enable the goalkeeper to
A. Exert large force on the ball
B. Reduce the force exerted by the ball on hands
C. Increase the rate of change of momentum
D. Decrease the rate of change of momentum

13) Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
A. Necessary centrifugal force may be obtained from the vertical component of the weight of the train
B. No frictional force may be produced between the tracks and the wheels of the train
C. Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the weight of the train
D. The train may not fall down inward

14) Consider a vehicle going on a horizontal road to words east . Neglect any force by by the air . The frictional force on the vehicle by the road
A. Is zero if the vehicle is moving with a non – uniform velocity.
B. Is to words east if the vehicle is accelerating
C. Must be towards east
D. Must be towards west

15) When slip on muddy road due to
A. Gravitional force
B. Relative velocity
C. Lack of friction
D. Excess of friction

16) The quantity “weight ” is measured by
A. Beam balance
B. Common balance
C. Spring balance
D. Balance wheel

17) The motion of a body around a circular path is an example of
A. Uniform velocity ,variable acceleration
B. Uniform speed , Uniform velocity
C. Uniform speed ,variable velocity
D. Uniform speed , Uniform acceleration

18) Rocket works on the principle of
A. Newton’s third law
B. Newton’s first law
C. Newton’s second law
D. Archimedes principle

19) If an object undergoes a uniform circular motion ,then its
A. Acceleration remains uniform
B. Velocity changes
C. Speed changes
D. Velocity remains uniform

20) When a body is taken from the earth to the moon
A. Mass change but weight remains same
B. Weight change but mass remains same
C. Both mass and weight change
D. Both mass and weight remain same

21) Ball bearing are used in bicycles , cars etc because
A. The actual area of contact between the wheel and axle is increased
B. The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is increased
C. The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is reduced
D. None of above

22) A man inside a artificial satellite feels weightlessness because the force of attraction due to earth is
A. Zero at that place
B. Balanced by the force of attraction due to moon
C. Equal to the centripetal force
D. Non – effective due to particular design of the satellite

23) Which of the following statements is true
A. g is the same at all places on the surface of the earth
B. g is less at the earth’s surface than at a height above or at a depth below it
C. g has its maximum value at the equator
D. g is greater at the poles than its equator

24) The plane of the orbit of an earth satellite
A. Passes through the centre of the earth
B. Does not pass through the centre of the earth
C. May or may not pass through the centre of the earth
D. Oscillates about the centre of the earth

25) Two satellites are moving in the same circular orbit around the earth ,they must have the same
A. Mass
B. Angular momentum
C. Kinetic energy
D. Speed

26) Which of the following are the characteristics of an inelastic collision
A. Momentum is conserved
B. Total energy is conserved
C. Kinetic energy is conserved
D. All the forces must be of conservative nature

27) When a body falls freely towards the earth ,then its total energy
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remain constant
D. First increase and then decreases

28) A body is falling from a height h . after it has fallen a height h/2 . It will possess
A. Only potential energy
B. Only kinetic energy
C. Half potential and half kinetic energy
D. More kinetic and less potential energy

29) The conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy does not occur in
A. Dams
B. AC generator
C. DC generator
D. Motor

30) When an incandescent electric bulb glows
A. The electrical energy is completely converted into light
B. The electrical energy is partly converted into light energy and partly into heat energy
C. The light energy is converted into electric energy
D. The electric energy is converted into magnetic energy

31) Steel is more elastic than rubber , because
A. Is deformed very easily
B. Is harder then rubber
C. Required large deforming force
D. Is never deform

32) Which of the following statement are correct when a gymnast sitting on a rotating stool with his arms outstretched ,suddenly lowers his hands?
A. The angular velocity decreases
B. The angular velocity remain same
C. The moment of inertia decreases
D. The moment of inertia increase

33) Material for rain proof coats and tents owe their water proof properties to
A. Surface tension
B. Viscosity
C. Specific Gravity
D. Elasticity

34) Gas thermometer are more sensitive than the liquid thermometers because the gases
A. Are lighter
B. Have low specific heat
C. Have high specific heat
D. Have large coefficient of expansion

35) A hydrogen balloon floats up ,because of
A. Air pressure decreases with decrease in height
B. Air pressure decreases with decrease in weight
C. Weight of the balloon is less than the weight of air displaced by it
D. The pressure inside the balloon is more than the pressure outside it

36) A liquid drops tends to assume a spherical shape , because of
A. Surface tension
B. Elastic force
C. Gravitational force
D. Viscous force

37) Water drops do not stick to the oily surface due to
A. Lack of adhesive force
B. Surface tension
C. Cannot mix each other
D. Water is lighter than oil

38) When some detergent is added to water the surface tension
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remain unaffected
D. None of this

39) Water from soil enters into the root hair owing to
A. atmospheric pressure
B. capillary pressure
C. root pressure
D. osmotic pressure

40) Water pipes in hilly areas often burst on a cold frosty night ,because
A. the material of which pipes are made contracts due to cold and so breaks
B. water in the pipes freezes and on freezing water expends ,so pipe break
C. frost makes the pipes rusty ,so they breaks
D. none of the above

41) Which type/types of pen use/uses capillary action in addition to gravity for flow of ink ?
A. Fountain pen
B. Ballpoint pen
C. Gel pen
D. Both ballpoint and gel pens

42) The principle of cleaning by soap is
A. Surface tension
B. Flotation
C. Viscosity
D. Elasticity

43) Clouds float in atmosphere because of their
A. Low pressure
B. Low density
C. Low viscosity
D. Low temperature

44) The purity of milk is determined by
A. Hydrometer
B. Lactometer
C. Stalagmometer
D. Thermometer

45) Bernoulli’s principle is based on which of among the following laws?
A. Conservation of mass
B. Conservation of momentum
C. Conservation of angular momentum
D. Conservation of energy

46) If a clock based on oscillating pendulum is taken from the earth to moon ,it will
A. Become slow
B. Become fast
C. Give same time as on the earth
D. Stop working

47) A slow running pendulum can be speeded up by
A. Increasing the length of the rod
B. Increasing the weight of the bob
C. Reducing the length of the bob
D. Reducing the weight of the bob

48) Which one among the following denotes the smallest temperature
A. One degree on the celsius scale
B. One degree on the kelvin scale
C. One degree on the fahrenheit scale
D. One degree on the reaumur scale

49) Mud houses are cooler in summer and warmer in winter,because
A. Mud is superconductor of heat
B. Mud is good conductor of heat
C. Mud is bad conductor of heat
D. None of the above

50) The surface of a lake is frozen in severe winter,' but the water at its bottom is still liquid. What is the reason?
A. Ice is a bad conductor of heat
B. Since the surface of the lake is at the same temperature as the air, no heat is lost
C. The density of water is maximum at 4°C
D. None of the above

51) Which one of the following statements is correct? A slab of ice kept in a room
A. does not radiate heat
B. absorbs heat from the surrounding
C. radiates heat but absorbs more heat from the surrounding
D. radiates heat more than that absorbed by it from the surrounding

52) The temperature of body is an indicator of
A. The total energy of molecules of the body
B. The average energy of the molecules of the body
C. The total velocity of molecules of the body
D. The average kinetic energy of the molecules of the body

53) Transfer of heat energy from a heater coil to the cooking vessel takes place through the process of
A. convection only
B. conduction and convection only
C. radiation and convection only
D. convection, conduction and radiation

54) The Celsius temperature is a/an
A. relative temperature
B. absolute temperature
C. specific temperature
D. approximate temperature

55) The gas used in a refrigerator is
A. cooled down on flowing
B. heated up on flowing
C. cooled down when compressed
D. cooled down when expanded

56) The temperature of water at the bottom of a lake whose upper surface has frozen to ice would be around(in degree)
A. −10∘C
B. 0∘C
C. 4∘C
D. −4∘C

57) An electric heater kept in vacuum is heated continuously by passing an electric current. Its temperature
A. will go rising with the time.
B. will stop rising after sometime as it will lose heat to the surroundings by conduction.
C. will rise for sometime and thereafter will start falling.
D. will become constant after some time because of loss heat due to radiation.

58) When an aeroplane attains a speed higher than the velocity of sound in air, a loud bang is heard. This is because
A. It explodes
B. It produces a shock wave which is received as the bang
C. Its wings vibrate so violently that the bang is heard
D. The normal engine noises undergo a Doppler shift to generate the bang

59) In which medium ,velocity of sound is maximum
A. Metals
B. Air
C. Water
D. Polymer

60) Decibel is used to measure the intensity of
A. Magnetic Field
B. Sound
C. Light
D. Heat

61) Indicate the correct arrangement for electromagnetic radiation in order of their increasing wavelength
A. Visible, infrared, microwave, x-rays
B. X-rays, infrared, visible, microwave
C. Microwave, infrared, visible, x-rays
D. X-rays, visible, infrared, microwave

62) X-rays are.......waves.
A. Longitudinal
B. Transverse
C. Electromagnetic
D. Elastic

63) Instrument used to study the behaviour of a vibrating string is
A. Hygrometer
B. Sonometer
C. Barometer
D. Hydrometer

64) Green house effect is the heating up of the Earth's atmosphere which is due to
A. The ultraviolet rays
B. Y-rays
C. The infrared rays
D. X-rays

65) Which one among the following doesn't have any effect on velocity of sound?
A. Pressure
B. Temperature
C. Humidity
D. Density

66) Which one among the following waves bats use to detect the obstacles in their flying path?
A. Infrared waves
B. Electromagnetic waves
C. Ultrasonic waves
D. Radio waves

67) Sound waves are similar to the waves
A. Of laser light passing through air
B. Generated in a stretched wire by hitting or plucking the wire
C. Generated in a pipe filled with air by moving the piston attached to the pipe up and down.
D. Generated by the mobile phone towers

68) Why is sound heard with more intensity through CO2 than through the air?
A. Density of CO2 is more than that of air
B. Density of CO2 is less than that of air
C. Air is bad conductor of heat
D. CO2 is a compound, but air is a mixture of gases.

69) Light travels slower in glass than in air because
A. Refractive index of air is less than that of glass
B. Refractive index of air is greater than that of glass
C. Density of glass is greater than that of air
D. Density of glass is less than that of air

70) The blue colour of water in the sea is due to
A. Absorption of other colours expect blue by water molecules
B. Scattering of blue light by water molecules
C. Reflection of blue light by impurities in sea water
D. Reflection of blue sky by sea water

71) The particle nature of radiation is confirmed by
A. Interference
B. Photo electric effect
C. Diffraction
D. Polarisation

72) The principle due to which circular patches of light is seen under a tree during day time, is similar to that of image formation by a
A. Concave lens
B. Pinhole
C. Photographic camera
D. Convex lens

73) Which one of the following is responsible for the working of Newton's colour disc experiment?
A. Formation of pure spectra
B. Formation of impure spectra
C. Persistence of vision
D. Principal of complementary colour

74) Which of the following is not caused by atmospheric refraction of light?
A. Twinkling of stars at night
B. Sun appearing higher in the sky than it actually is
C. Sun becoming visible two or three minutes before actual sunrise
D. Sun appearing red at sunset

75) The human eyes is like a camera and hence, it contains a system of lens. The eye lens forms
A. A straight or upright, real image of the object on the retina
B. An inverted, virtual image of the object on the retina
C. An inverted, real image of the object on the retina
D. A straight or upright, real image of the object on the iris

76) The spread in colours in a rainbow on sky is primarily due to
A. Dispersion of sunlight
B. Reflection of sunlight
C. Refraction of sunlight
D. Total internal reflection of sunlight

77) Myopia is a disease connected with
A. Lungs
B. Brain
C. Ears
D. Eyes

78) In optical instruments, the lenses are used to form image by the phenomenon of
A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Scattering
D. Diffusion

79) Capacity of a parallel plate condenser can be increased by
A. Decreasing the thickness of the plate
B. Increasing the thickness of the plate
C. Decreasing the distance between the plate
D. Increasing the distance between the plate

80) A device which is used in our TV set, computer, radio set for storing the electric charge is
A. Resistor
B. Inductor
C. Capacitor
D. Conductor

81) Increasing the charge on the plates of a capacitor means
A. Increasing the capacitance
B. Increasing the potential difference between the plates
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

82) When a soap bubble is charge,
A. Its radius increases
B. Its radius decreases
C. Its radius remains unchanged
D. It collapses

83) At a point inside a charged conductor, the
A. Potential is constant
B. Electric field is zero
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Electric field is constant

84) 'Farad' is the unit of
A. Resistance
B. Conductance
C. Capacitance
D. Inductance

85) If two conducting spheres are separately charged and then brought in contact
A. The total energy of the two spheres is conserved
B. The total charge on the two spheres is conserved
C. Both the total energy and the total charge are conserved
D. The final potential is always the mean of the original potential of the two spheres

86) The one that is a good conductor of electricity in the following list of solids is
A. Graphite
B. Diamond
C. Sodium fluoride
D. Sodium chloride

87) A good conductor while carrying current is
A. Negatively charged
B. Positively charged
C. Electrically neutral
D. Alternately charged positive and negative

88) Ohm's law defines A. A resistance
B. currently only
C. Voltage only
D. Both current and voltage

89) Metal used to make wires for safety fuses must have
A. Very low resistivity and high melting point
B. High resistivity and low melting point
C. Iow resistivity and low melting point
D. High resistivity and high melting point

90) During short-circuiting, the current flowing in the electrical circuit
A. Reduces substantially
B. Does not change
C. Increases instantaneously
D. Varies continuously

91) By inserting a soft iron piece to solenoid, the strength of the magnetic field
A. Decrease
B. Increase
C. First increase then decrease
D. Remains unchanged

92) All the magnetic materials lose their magnetic properties when
A. Dipped in oil
B. Dipped in water
C. Strongly heated
D. Brought near a peace of iron

93) A magnetic needle is kept in non-uniform magnetic. It experiences
A. A force but not a torque
B. A force and a torque
A. A torque but not above
B. None of these

94) A conductor carrying current when placed in an external magnetic field, experience a mechanical force. The device whose working is based on this principal is
A. Electric motor
B. Dynamo
C. Electric bell
D. None of these

95) In the term of magnetic properties ,oxygen belongs to
A. Magnetic material
B. Ferromagnetic material
C. Paramagnetic material
D. Dia magnetic material

96) The unit of radio activity is
A. Angstrom
B. Candela
C. Fermi
D. Curie

97) Which of the following elements is not radioactive ?
A. Zirconium
B. Uranium
C. Radium
D. Plutonium

98) In the nuclear reactor ,moderators are used to
A. Slow down the neutrons
B. Generate neutrons
C. Accelerate neutrons
D. Absorb neutrons

99) Alpha particle is the nucleus of an atom of
A. Hydrogen
B. Helium
C. Oxygen
D. Lithium

100) A current carrying conductor is associated with
A. A magnetic field
B. An electric field
C. An electromagnetic field
D. An electrostatic field



1) Tell me about yourself
take me through your CV
Introduce yourself
2) Why should we take you in our Company ?
Tell me about your strengths
3) What are your major weaknesses ?
4) What do you mean by performance?
Can you meet our performance targets ?
5) What are your career plans ?
6) Why did you not score better marks in your Class X and XII Exams ?
Why were your academic results average ?
7) How do you like to position yourself in our Company after 5 years, 10 years and 15 years ?
Where would you see yourself in our Company during next 15 years
8) If you get a better Job Offer will you leave our Company ? Why not ?
9) Who is your mentor ? What did he/she teach you ?
10) How do you spend your day ?
11) What are your responsibilities to your family and society ?
12) Are you married ? When do you plan to settle down ?
13) What is your salary expectations ?
14) Do you or your family have loans or debts in the market ?
15) What are your parents doing ?
16) Are you willing to relocate ?
17) What are your present family challenges?
18) Do you socialise in social media ? How much time do you spend on such social media ?
19) How many telephone calls you attend per day from your friends and relatives ?
20) What are your present health problems ? How is the health of other family members ?
21) What motivates you most ?
22) What demotivates you most ?
23) Do you believe in Honesty and Integrity ? Explain a situation when you did not become honest
25) Tell us some problems faced daily by a Company

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Eligiblilty :
B.Tech ( Mechanical/Electrical) Freshers

1) Who is a supervisor and what are his /her duties ?
2) Name 7 departments in a factory and their functions
3) Name some important organisation/ department in a Company and their designation, roles and responsibilities
4) What is industrial conflict? Why it happens ? How do you solve such disputes
5) What are the various safety measures to be taken inside a factory ?
6) What is the Role of H.R or Admin Department in a factory? 7) What is a Trade Union ? Why Trade Unions are formed ? What are the duties of Trade Unions?
8) What is a shift ? Why are shifts done ? How many shifts are there ?
9) What is Overtime ? Why is Overtime given ?
10) What is incentive ? Why is incentive given ?
11) What is Annual Bonus ? Why is it given ? What is the minimum Annual Bonus to be given legally ?
12) What is Time Office ? What are its functions ?
13) What is Biometric Attendance system ? How is it linked to automated wages calculation ?
14) Why are wages deducted? On what grounds are wages or salaries deducted ?
15) What is ESI , PF ? What are its basic important benefits ?
16) What is Workers Compensation or WC Benefits ?
17) What is a Charter of Demand ? Why is it done ? Who does it and how ? How is it settled ?
18) What is a Charge Sheet ? When is it given? What are the effects of charge sheet ?
19) What is Departmental Enquiry ? Why is it done ? Who does it ? What happens after the Enquiry is done ?
20) What do you mean by

a) Lay Off
b) Termination
c) Suspension
d) Lockout
e) Demotion
f) Promotion
g) Transfer
h) Designation
i) Skill Semi Skill Unskill
j) Retrenchment
k) Blue Collar Staff
l) White Collar Staff
m) Redundant Employees

21) How will you handle the following at your work place
a) an agitated employee
b) a non promoted employee
c) a habitual absentee
22) How will you motivate your team when there are huge absentees on a day and no overtime is permitted ?
23) What steps are to be taken for Preventive Maintenance?
24) What is First Aid? Explain the First Aid Techniques to be used against

a) Electric Shock
b) Fire Burns
c) Heart Attacks
25) What is TQM and Quality Circle ? How is it done ?
26) What is Six Sigma ?
27) What is the difference between a Manager and an Entrepreneur ?
28) What is Motivation ? Tell us 7 steps of getting self motivated ?
29) What is Leadership ? What skills are required to become a good leader ?
30) What is modernisation ? Why is modernisation important

1) Tell Me About Yourself
2) How did you hear about this position or vacancy ?
3) Why do you want to work in our Company ?
4) Why do you want this job?
5) What can you give to the Company?
6) What are your greatest strengths?
7) What are your greatest weaknesses ?
8) What Is your greatest achievement till date ?
9) Tell me about a challenge or conflict you have faced in your life and how you dealt with It.
10) Tell me about a time when you demonstrated your leadership skills.
11) Tell me about a big mistake you made in your life which you still repent
12) Tell me about a time when you failed to achieve your goal and what steps did you take to improve upon it
13) Why are you leaving your current job?
14) Why have you scored so bad in your Class X XII and other exams ?
15) Why was there a gap in your employment?
16) Can you tell what all Projects you did ?
17) What type of work environment do you prefer?
18) What is your work style?
19) How will you manage your team ?
20) How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
21) What do you like to do outside of your work?
22) When are you planning to marry and settle in family ?
23) How do you prioritize your work?
24) What are you passionate about?
25) How do you like your Boss or Seniour to be ?
26) Do you ever considered yourself to be successful?
27) How do you plan to achieve your career goals ?
28) What other Companies are you interviewing with?
29) What makes you unique as compared to others ?
30) What should I like to know that is not in your Resume?
31) What would your first 30, 60, and 90 days look like in this job role?
32) Compare yourself to any animal in regard to similar qualities
33) Sell me this pen.
34) What type of your friends you like to make ?
35) Is there anything you wish to ask us about your job role or Company ?
36) What will you do next if we do not select you ?
37) Why are you not appearing for Govt Job Exams ?

Basic Interview Questions Asked in Interview

১) ক্র্যাঁকশাফ্ট কি কাজ করে ?
What does a crankshaft do ?
২) ক্র্যাঁকশাফ্ট কোথায় থাকে ?
Where is crankshaft located ?
৩) পিস্টন কি রড দিয়ে লাগানো থাকে ?
With what Rod is Piston fixed ?
৪) পিস্টন এ কোটা চুরি থাকে ? এই চুড়িগুলি কি কাজ করে ?
How many bangles does a Piston have ? What are the functions of these bangles ?
৫) ক্র্যাঁকশাফ্ট কি দিয়ে লাগানো থাকে ?
How is Crankshaft fitted ?
৬) মেন্ বিগেন কোথায় লাগানো থাকে ?
Main Begen is fitted where ?
৭) ইনলেট একজোস্ট এর কাজ কি ?
What are the functions of Inlet Exhaust ?
৮) পুশ রড কোথায় থাকে ?
Where is Push Rod fixed ?
৯) ২ ০ টি ইঞ্জিন এর পার্টস বোলো ?
Tell 20 Parts of an Automobile Engine
১০) এই ২০ টি ইঞ্জিন পার্টস এর কাজ বোলো ?
Explain the functions of these 20 Engine Parts
১১) সিগন্যাল কয় প্রকার হয় ?
How many types of signals are there ?
১২) 7 গুরুত্বপূর্ণ সিগন্যাল বোলো আর তার মানে কি ?
Tell 7 important signals
১৩) ব্রেক অয়েল কি ? কেন দেয়া হয় ?
What is Brake Oil ? Why is it used ?
১৪) ব্রেক সু কি ? কি কাজ করে ?
What is Brake Shoe ? What does it do ?
১৫) মোবইল কি ? কি কাজে লাগে ?
What is mobil ? Why it is used ?
১৬) গাস্কেট কি ? কি কাজে লাগে ?
What is Gasket ? Where is it used ?
১৭) গাড়ি কি ভাবে চলে ? পদ্ধতি গুলো বোলো ?
How does a car run ? Tell the steps
১৮) ক্লাচ কি ? কোথায় থাকে ? কি কাজে লাগে ?
What is Clutch? Where is it fitted? What are its use?
১৯) আক্সলে কি ? কি কাজে লাগে ? কোথায় থাকে ?
What is Axle? What is its use? Where is it fitted?
২০) হাড়ি বলতে কি বোঝায় ? কোথায় থাকে ?
What is a Drum? Where is it fitted?
২১) ডিফারেনশিয়াল কাকে বলে ? কি কাজে লাগে ? কোথায় থাকে ?
What is Differential? What are its use? Where is it fitted ?
২২) সাস্পেনসার কি ? কোথায় থাকে ? কি কাজে লাগে ?
What is Suspensor ? Where is it fitted ? What are its use ?
২৩) গিয়ার্ কি ? কত ধরণের গিয়ার্ হয় ?
What is Gear? How many types of gears are there?
২৪) গিয়ার্ কি ভাবে কাজ করে ? কোথায় থাকে ?
How does a gear works ? Where is a gear fitted?
২৫) ব্যাটারী কি কাজে লাগে ? কোথায় থাকে ?
What is the use of Battery in a car? Where is Battery Fitted?

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