1) 5 days a week class. Special classes on Saturday

2) 75% class attendance mandatory otherwise no placement assistance

3) Daily Home Work given to the students for all the subjects which should be done or marked absent on next day

4) Monthly internal exams are done and student must attend and get at least 50% in the tests otherwise they will have to take 2hours special classes. If they don't attend special classes they will be suspended for 7 days and guardian call is done

5) Daily 2 roll calls are made one at the start and other at the close of the class. Absent in any of these roll calls will mark absent for the day

6) Dress must be worn. Else marked absent. No excuses will be heard

7) Practicals are mostly done in course of study of the theory part for better recapitulation

8) Regular Site visit and industry visit are done along with industrial internships for having better grip on the technical training part

9) Regular visual study of tools machines and equipments are done for making them industry ready

10)Regular visit to industrial and technological museums and also various Industrial Fairs to update the students understand the technology part better

11)Skill Development Programs under NSDC Sector Skills Development Schemes are arranged on the desire of the students as per the terms and conditions of NSDC

12)On Job Training assistance may be arranged on chargeable basis subject to availability of vacancies/ slots in the industry

13)Regular Audio Video Classes are held to update the students with virtual visual training on various manufacturing process, equipments or products

14)Regular ERP Tally Training is done to train the students in this industry dominated software programs

15)Special Classes on Saturday by Industry Experts and Experienced Technicians on technology update, hazards, stress and problems faced inside the industry. This will inculcate a positive mindset, strong attitude to face the industry challenges

16)The students will have the scope of not only operating tools and equipments but also to understand its parts and how they function. This will create a pre awareness relating to maintenance of such items

17)Regular Spoken English and Hindi language training is given along with various soft skills and personality grooming is done to make them industry ready across the country

18)Interview preparation is done along with GD PI Aptitude Test to prepare the students for succeeding in the interviews

19)Special Classes are giving on Fire & Safety Training with video presentations

20)Students are assigned time to time practicals which are evaluated by us and also they have to make separate practicals in their note books which will be assessed by the University separately

21)Specific Sector Skill Training with MSME Training Centre of Govt. of India may arranged on cost chargeable basis

22)Information about various technical job vacancy in Government Departments or Companies will be shared time to time and academic advice will be shared with those students willing to appear in the Govt. Jobs

23)Recapitulation of the studies are done by the faculties asking spot questions before start of the class

24)Students are advised to do small technical projects in groups on their own cost sharing initiative. The Institute gives accreditation to the best group

25)Students are given technical lessons to visit various technical website regularly and give a presentation to the students which helps in improve their presentation skills

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