All students are hereby directed to follow the following Rules and Regulations of the Emcons Business Academy ( hereinafter known as the Institute) strictly and most of these very important Rules and Regulations have been mentioned in the Admission Agreement signed by the student and the guardian:

All students must wear their dress as per Dress Code ie white full shirt, black trousers ( not jeans) , black tie, identity card , black shoes or black boot. Without dress code the student cannot enter and attend the class and will be marked absent for the day.

The Institute's classes shall start from 8.00 am till 12.30 pm and from 12.45 pm till 4.20 pm. There will be a Tiffin Break between 9.30 to 10.00 am. A grace time of 20 minutes in the morning shift and 10 minutes in the afternoon shift is given to all after which the student is marked absent for the day. The clock timings kept at the Institute is to be always followed and abided by for attendance record purposes and no dispute shall be raised by the student in this regard.These class timings may be modified or amended time to time if required.

All students must do their daily homework given by the faculties and show it to the faculties on the next day. Defaulters will be marked absent for the day.

No mobile shall be used in the class room. If found using, the same will be seized and handed over to the guardian on a written declaration given by the student and guardian that it will not be repeated. If such warning is violated and mobile used again for more than 2 times then the concerned student shall be suspended from the class for 15 days and if further repeated then terminated from the Institute.Guardians should call the Administration Dept for speaking to their ward in case of emergencies.

All students must have mandatory 75% class attendance every month ie 18 days every month in order to get the placements assistances and also the internship assistances failing which the guardian shall be called and a warning letter will be issued and if again the student absents then he/she shall be first suspended for 15 days and thereafter given last and final warning and if the absenteeism is further repeated then the concerned student shall be terminated from the Institute forthwith.

All students shall be provided with Flexible Class Routine which will be implemented on the basis of availability of the students in the town due to their various seasonal vacations, festival leave, Industrial internships, public holidays, pre and post exam leave etc. To attain the minimum industry acceptable standards and quality of education all students shall have to take special additional classes even on Sundays , Public Holidays and during the evenings to satisfy the quality of the technical education as per industry needs.The Class Rosters can be changed or modified or amended suiting the study needs of the students , their availability and the industry parameters. In certain situations there can be merged classes which shall be conducted as and when required. There shall also be a certain period when the theoretical skill development classes may be held for thrice a week and the rest three days pf the weel there will be field visit practicals or home practicals or group projects and assignments as the case may be.In case of the students pursuing their studies outside the State of West Bengal or in the Districts of Bengal Colleges or University , the class rosters in such a case will be entirely made flexible and rigorous and based on the availability of the students during their summer , winter and festival vacations or during their industrial internships or during their pre and post examination period leave from their University or affiliated College as the case may be. In such a situation the class timings shall be moderated and made from 8am to 4.30 pm on all 6 days of the week ie from Monday to Saturday. Even special classes shall be given on Sundays and on some Public Holidays also with the mutual consent of the student. The objective will be to provide the technical training and the academic coaching between 165 to 200 hours of academic coaching and technical training per month so that it becomes equivalent to almost 60 days of physical class room teaching and practicals and workshop training in other Colleges or at the University end which is the generally available physical class rooms days at the University or affiliated College end per semester. So when the student takes this rigorous and extensive coaching and training he/she almost completes a major portion of the academic coaching and technical training simultaneously and thereby becomes a thorough revision of the academic subjects and the technical training thereof.

All students are required to abide by the Holiday List as put up on the Notice Board. No request from any quarters to increase the holidays be made under any circumstances.

Consuming Drugs, Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, Pan Parag, Alcohol or any other form of addictions is strictly prohibited and banned inside the Institute premises and also at the Mess and violating this basic very important condition will tentamount to immediate termination from the Institute followed by complain to the Local Police Station and taking legal actions as required.

Ragging of any type whether directly or indirectly associated with Ragging and whether physical or mental torture or embarassment or harrassment or otherwise be it in the Institute or outside or in the Mess is strictly banned and strict criminal actions as per law including registering FIR in the local Police Station shall be taken against such students and including termination from the Institute with immediate effect. If the student is involved in any criminal case and is either serving a police or jail custody then in such a situation the student will be first suspended till he is proved aquitted and terminated forthwith from the Institute if found guilty. This matter may be decided further by the Management based on the prevailing situation and the gravity of the situation.

The monthly fees must be paid on the 5th of every month. The monthly fees fall due from July of every year which is the Academic Session. Those who have joined after July must pay their monthly fees including the backlog period starting from July onwards till the date of joining immediately. Non payment of the fees on the 5th of the month shall disqualify the students to get attendance in their class. If the fees are still not paid latest by the 10th of the month then the student will be first suspended for 15 days and thereafter terminated from the Institute with right of recovery of the pendingcfees through legal actions.

Forming Students' Union or Students' Forum whether Political , Apolitical or Non Political or otherwise is strictly prohibited in the Institute and defying this basic important rule will attract stern disciplinary actions against the students and which may also include suspension of academic activities and lockout or closure of the Institute. All students should therefore ventilate their grievance through their Class Monitor and their grievances shall be appropriately disposed off to their satisfaction if the grievances are found to be genuine and acceptable.

If any student is found disturbing the class ambience or fighting or arguing with his/her friend or sleeping or engaged in any immoral discussions or use of any abusive languages or any events of teasing or arguing with the faculties or staff or management or any other forms or means adopted for disturbing the study in the classes then he/she shall be summarily suspended from attending the classes for 7 days followed by a written declaration from his/her guardian that he will maintain silence, order and strict discipline in the class rooms. If this is repeated again then the concerned student shall be terminated from the Institute forthwith.

If any student is found to be engaged in any form of misbehaviour whether teasing, shouting, annoying, bullying, cutting vulgar jokes, or seeing or sharing immoral and indecent pictures whether inside or outside the Institute premises or in their Mess or arguing and misbehaving with the faculties, staff or the management of the Institute or otherwise or spreading rumours or engaged in anti religion , anti caste , anti state or any anti national or anti government activities or going against the modesty of women etc then in such cases the matter will be handled legally and the student shall be terminated forthwith from the Institute.

All practicals shall be done as per the requirements of the subject matter and those practical items that are presently available in the Institute Laboratory and displayed in this website and excepting for the heavy machineries and equipment which are not available in our workshop but such types of practicals with heavy machineries and heavy lab items etc shall be done by the student either in their industrial internship or through the audio video presentations or through sharing of the faculties' experience as the case may be. Due to space constraints the practicals shall be done batch by batch as organised by the faculties and the management. No demand for increase in the workshop infrastructure facilities or the practicals facilities or increase in practical training other than what the faculties have decided upon and also other than what had been maintained at the Institute end be made or claimed as the student had verified the present workshop infrastructure of the laboratory facilities and equipments and thereafter taken their Admission. All Practicals done for your University purposes shall be done by the student at his/her cost but the guidelines and guidance shall be given by our faculties. For any expenses incurred for doing the practicals at any Industrial Exhibition or Industrial Museum or in any ITI or IIT or any Technical Institute the same shall be paid and borne by the students.It must be carefully noted here that all the skills based practicals and workshop training done at the Institute end are purely independent and its own professional training curriculum and is abdolutely Industry related and not the academic course related. Whatever minimum technical training the industry demands that shall be only provided. No demand or expectation to do practicals as per the course related syllabus of the academics pursued by the students shall be entertained under any circumstances. The Industry visits and industrial internships will only be given only to those students who have maintained all through 75% class attendance at the Institute end as per the flexible roster provided and have also scored atleast 65% in the monthly/weekly mock tests and has no record of any immoral or misbehaviour etc at the Institute end.

The Institute shall endeavour to arrange for internships assistances to the students as far as possible at the Company end based on availability of such internship / training vacancies and be done batch by batch as and when available. Such internship assistances shall be given only to those students who have attended atleast 75% of their monthly classes and had appeared in all the monthly mock tests and achieved minimum 65% marks in their monthly mock tests and also achieved 7 CGPA in the previous two University Semesters Exams and had also maintained all through good conduct, moral values, discipline and order and paid their monthly fees on time. Travelling and other expenses for attending the industrial internships shall be paid and borne by the student concerned. For any outstation seminars or practicals all costs in this regard shall be paid and borne by the concerned student.

Every month there shall be a mock tests and attendance is mandatory in the monthly mock tests in order to get placement assistances and the industrial internship assistances. Failure to appear in atleast 5 monthly mock tests out of every 6 months shall be considered as gross violation and the concerned student will be suspended and guardian call given. On signing of a written declaration by the student and the guardian that such inattendance in the next monthly mock tests shall not be repeated the concerned student shall then only be allowed to resume his/her classes. Students shall arrange their Blank Answer Script Papers and other accessories for appearing in the mock tests. If ant student fails to clear the mock test then he/she shall have to reappear again in the Supplementary Mock Tests. Cheating in the Mock For those students who are studying in outside West Bengal State and in the District Colleges or University they shall take Weekly Mock Test instead of Monthly Mock TestTest will be considered as a gross violation of the discipline code and the concerned student will be punished by way of suspension for 2 weeks and thereafter reappear and pass the test once again in order to resume the classes.

The Placement Assistances shall be given to only those students who have attained 75% class attendance every month and have attained 90% attendance in all Mock Tests and have also secured CGPA of 7 in the University Rank and has no record of indiscipline or immoral activities or have no record of default in payment of the monthly fees etc and this Placement Assistance Eligibility Criteria and other conditions has been clearly explained in details in the Admission Agreement as agreed and jointly signed by the student and guardian.

The fees once paid is neither Refundable nor Transferable under any circumstances. This has been clearly explained and clarified in the Fee Refund Policy of the Institute as mentioned in this website.

All students shall observe the Covid Protocals as per the Government Orders and non compliance of such protocals shall be dealt with severly including suspension from the Institute. No student shall attend classes if he/she is suffering from cold, cough, fever, throat problems, or asthma or chest infection or any other types of covid influenced commorbities. If any case of Covid infection is reported then the Institute shall be closed for 14 days as a quarantine prevention.

The Package Fees comprises of 2 parts - the first part comprise of the University Registration Fees, Semester Fees , Re Registration Fees, Portal Charges, Exam Fees etc which is collected at actuals and remitted to the University without any value addition and the second part comprise of the Emcons Business Academy Institute's Professional charges of Industry Focussed Skills Development Training, Subjectwise Coaching, Mentoring, Grooming, Spoken English & ERP , Industrial Internships Assistances and the Placements Assistances etc as well. This had been further corroborated in the Admission Agreement The fees shall be paid either by cash or by cheque or Online Bank Transfer to the Institute's Bank Account.In the event of the University or Affiliated College increasing their fees of any type during your course duration then the same shall be paid and borne by the student. Further in case of imposition of any new taxes or duties or cess or any other form of taxes or duties by whatever nomenclature called so or imposition of GST then such taxes, duties , GST shall also be paid and borne by the student. No excuses or appeal of any type shall be heard in this regard and non payment of these additional charges shall tentamount to shortfall in remittance of the fees to the University or the Affiliated College thereby debarring the concerned student in appearing in his/her University exams. For further more details please see the Admission Agreement.The University Semester , Exams, Certificate and all other fees shall be paid by the student directly from his/her bank account through Online Process to the University Bank Account and all the Bank Transfer Slips shall be kept by the student carefully as their document and evidence for having paid the University fees. In case due to lack of banking infrastructure or due to non availability of adequate Cyber Cafe or due to non availability of android phone at the students' end for doing the Online Banking transaction then in such a situation the student shall seek permission to pay the University fees from other personal account or through our Institute bank account on a case to case basis provided the University had agreed to the student's request considering the explained situation. The student in case of remittance of the University fees from our end has to give us a written mandate authorising our Institute to work as an agent on his/her behalf and to remit the fees to the University on actual basis and without any value additions. This will be eventually shown in the Money Receipt of the Institute as fees collected for payment of the University f ees

If due to any Force Majeure conditions prevailing such as any type of pandemics or epidemics or political unrest or natural disasters or war or students unrest or due to reasons of financial stress or dire urgencies or due to levy of new taxes and duties which cannot be recovered from the students and the Institute suffers irreparable losses or due or any change in the Govt Education Policies or any other type of uncontrollable conditions as explained in the Force Majeure conditions in the Admission Agreement whereby the operations of the Institute is affected then in such types of grave situation all the activities of the Institute shall either be suspended or closed down with intimation to the students.Another case of Force Majeure condition is that in the event of the University or Affiliated College increasing their fees of any type during the course duration then the same shall be paid and borne by the student. Further in case of another type of Force Majeure or Uncontrollable situation whereby due to imposition of any new taxes or duties or cess or any other form of taxes or duties by whatever nomenclature called so or imposition of GST by the Government be it Central or State then such taxes, duties , GST shall also be paid and borne by the student concerned. No excuses or appeal of any type shall be heard in this regard and please note that non payment of these additional charges shall tentamount to shortfall in remittance of the fees to the University or the Affiliated College thereby debarring the concerned student in appearing in his/her next University exams and withholding all marksheets and certificates by the University or its affliated Institute . For further more details please see the Admission Agreement.

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