Q1)Are the Engineering and other Technical Courses of the University, Madhya Pradesh approved by A.I.C.T.E ?

Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q2) Is the University, Madhya Pradesh approved by U.G.C ?

Ans :
Yes and it is a Private University. Please see U.G.C website and a photocopy of the document in this regard.

Q3) Is the University, Madhya Pradesh approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Govt of India ?

Ans :
Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q4) Is the University approved by the Madhya Pradesh State Government ?

Ans :
Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q5) Is the Certificate issued by the University, Madhya Pradesh valid for getting Government Jobs ?

Ans :
Yes, subject to your eligibility and satisfying the Recruitment Policies of the respective State Governments. Please see the document of students appearing in the various Government Exams in this regard.

Q6) Can I appear in JELET Exam for pursuing my Lateral B.Tech under MAKAUT in West Bengal with this University Certificate ?

Ans :
Yes.Please see the document in this regard.

Q7) Shall I get the Convocation or Final Certificate from this University ?

Ans :
Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q8) Can I get W.B Caste Scholarships if I study in this University ?

Ans :
Yes provided you are West Bengal State domiciled and subject to your eligibility and as per the policies of the W.B State Government. Please see the document in this regard. Such scholarships shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q9) Can I get the Kanyashree Scholarship if I study in this University ?

Ans :
Yes provided you are West Bengal State domiciled and already getting the Kanyashree Scholarship and subject to your further eligibility for the same as per the Policies and Rules and Regulations of the W.B State Government. Such scholarships shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q10) Can I get Education Loan for studying under this University ?

Ans :
Yes subject to your eligibility and fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Bank. Many students have got this facility. Please see the document in this regard. Such Loan shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q11) Can I get Education Loan from the West Bengal Minorities Finance Board for studying in this University ?

Ans :
Yes , subject to your eligibility and fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Loan. Many students have got this facility. Please see the document in this regard. Such loan shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q12) Can I get Education Loan from the West Bengal SC,ST & OBC Finance Board for studying in this University ?

Ans :
Yes , subject to your eligibility and fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Loan. Many students have got this facility. Please see the document in this regard.Such loan shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q13) Will I get Bonafide Certificate from this University ?

Ans :
Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q14) Can I avail for students' travel concession by showing this Bonafide Certificate ?

Ans :
Yes and subject to the Policies of the State/ Central Government. Such concessions shall be arranged by the students themselves only.

Q15) Can I appy for Visa with this Certificate for taking higher education abroad ?

Ans :
Yes and subject to your eligibility and fulfilling the terms of the Visa Rules , Policies of the Government etc.

Q16) Is the Certificate of the University, Madhya Pradesh a Regular Mode Study Certificate?

Ans :
Yes it is a Regular Mode Certificate. Please see the document in this regard.

Q17) Is the marking and evaluation system on the basis of SGPA,CGPA?

Ans :
Yes. Please see the document in this regard.

Q18) What is the standard Charges for staying in the Hostel at the University end at Madhya Pradesh ?

Ans :
Approximately Rs 2500 for gents and Rs 3500 for ladies with vegetarian food which may vary according to the standard of room and other facilities and location wise.

Q19) Will I get Library facilities at the University end ?

Ans :

Q20) Does the University Course Fee include cost of dress ?

Ans :
No. It is to be borne by the student as extra charges.

Q21) Can I expect Placements Assistances from Campusing from the University end ?

Ans :
Yes and subject to your satisfying all the eligible terms and conditions of the Campusing done by the Companies at the University end and succeeding in the Campusing thereof.

Q22) Are the Campusing done in Core Trades at the University end ?

Ans :

Q23) Is any Donation or Capitation or any Hidden Cost charged extra ?

Ans :

Q24) When is the last date for Admission for the Academic Year 2022 ?

Ans :
10th July 2022 or before subject to the availability of the vacant seats.

Q25) When will the Academic Session of the University start ?

Ans :
From 15th July 2022 onwards subject to the Covid Pandemic condition improving.

Q26) What is the Admission eligibility criteria in this University ?

Ans :
Please see the University website or for the details course wise and the admission eligibility criteria and procedures for taking your admission in any of these good Universities.

Q27)What is the system of Study at the University and at your Institute's end ?

Ans :
All the students shall have to attend their mandatory Full Time Regular Mode classes at the University end at Madhya Pradesh and as per their Rules and Regulations and by staying in the University Hostels or in Private Mess. Only during their seasonal ie summer and winter and long festival vacations, exams leave, industrial internship training etc they shall take our Institute's Own Industry Skills Development Technical Training, the Industry Focussed Training, the Professional Tutorial Coaching and Guidances on the theoretical subjects, industrial internship and placement assistances on a flexible roster basis with daily classes and also on weekends, holidays and even during evening suiting the students'needs.You shall have to submit an Affidavit /Self Declaration duly notarised by Notary Public that you shall undertake the minimum mandatory classes at the University end, give exams thereat , collect all your marksheet and certificates etc directly from the University end apart from doing directly your own Registration and Enrolment from your own system and following all the other Rules and Regulations of the University

Q28) What are the Job Oriented Courses of the University located at Madhya Pradesh ?

Ans: a) Diploma in Engineering & B.Tech in : ( Trades)

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mining Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Computer Science
Information Technology
Food Technology
Fire & Safety

b) B.C.A , M.C.A
c) B.B.A
d) M.B.A

Marketing Management
Finance Management
Human Resources Management
International Business
Production Management
Banking & Financial Services
Hotel Management
Hospitality Management

e) B.Sc in

Computers - Animation 3D
Interior Designing
Fashion Technology
Fashion Designing
Food Technology
Hotel Management
Biology, Botany, Zoology
Physics Chemistry Maths

f) Diploma

Computer Science
Hotel Management
Fire & Safety
Health Safety Management
Industrial Safety Management
Hazard Management

g) Nursing

A.N.M Nursing
B.Sc in Nursing

h) Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy
Bachelor in Pharmacy

i) Mass Communication & Journalism
j) B.A L.L.B

Q29) How are you giving consistently 100% Placements when many others are struggling ?

Ans: Our Institute is associated with over 400 Companies for Placements and is growing daily. Besides this we have also tieups with several Manpower Outsourcing Companies and Recruitment Firms. In addition to this the University has also exhaustive connection with Industries in Maharastra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan Tamil Nadu ,Gurgaon, Haryana Noida etc for their Campus Placement. We prepare our students by giving them exhaustive Industry Focussed Skills Training and Developing Handson Technical Skills with regular Practicals & Workshops, Communicative English and Hindi exactly the way what the Companies need and that is the major reason why all the Companies prefer us as their First Choice Hub for their Hiring of Manpower. We have therefore a consistent track record of 100% Placements and we also provide Placements to students of other Colleges as well by giving them Off Campus Placements.

Q30) Can I get an Apprenticeship Training to fund my Education Expenses?

Ans: Yes, we shall assist you in getting a Short Term ApprenticeshipTraining and that may be for a maximum period of 4 months. If you wish to avail this opportunity you first need to take your Admission in our Institute atleast 4 months before the start of the Academic Session ie around February month of the year, then take up a Short Training at our end and then finally appear for the Apprenticeship Training Interview subject to the availability of the vacancies. With the handsome Stipend you receive you can support a major portion of your Course Fee and while studying you may also a avail Part Time Job Assistance from our end to meet your Hostel / Mess Expenses subject to availability of vacancies. Besides such Job Oriented Assistances you may also avail the West Bengal Government Students Credit Card Education Loan Scheme and also the various Caste Scholarships if you are eligible.

Q31) What will be my benefits to study in an outside of my State University and at your Training Institute simultaneously?

Ans: The major benefits are :
a) Low Course Fees of the University as compared locally
b) Low Hostel/ Mess Charges at the University end as compared locally
c) 100% Consistent Placements Record in Brand Companies over the years
d) High Standard of Teaching and Industry Focussed Training
e) Multiple Placements Record to Alumni over the years
f) Part Time Placements Opportunities to the financially needy students.
g) Summer Industrial Internships with Stipend to exclusively meritorious students if found eligible
h) Scope for Pre Academic Apprenticeship Training with Handsome Stipend to financially needy students
i) Brand & Renowned University and highly connected to Industries in 8 major States of our Country for their Campus Placements
j) Easy Gateway to do Higher Education including P.hd
k) Several Scholarship Schemes to eligible students.

Q32) Why should I go to study in outside States when there are vacant seats available here ?

Ans: You may have come across from various News Sources that every year several thousands of students are migrating to other States for their higher studies and by giving various All India Joint Entrance Examinations like IIT, NEET, AIEEE, CAT, MAT, JEMAT etc. Students make their exhaustive search to find out their best choice College considering both the education standard and the placement record as well. It is therefore your choice to decide where you will study but it is always advised to make a detail and exhaustive search of the data of the College where you are planning to study particularly its Placement Record and its Industry Focussed Training otherwise you are most likely to land up in getting unemployed after pursuing your course and which will affect your future career prospects severely by all means.

Q33) Is your Fee Refundable in case I do not want to pursue my studies?

Ans: No, the fees once paid are neither Refundable nor Transferable nor Assignable under any circumstances. Please study our Fee Refund Policy given in this website in details. It is therefore advised to all students to carefully read our website, attend the Career Counselling and record all the discussions, verify the documents and then seek your admission in our Institutefor your skills development training and coaching of your academics and your select University or any affiliated College in consultation with all concerned. You may also speak to the students of the University and also our Institute for getting more clarity abour your queries and as explained by us.

Q34) Is their any Entrance Test to be given to study the Technical Courses in the University?

Ans: Yes and as per the eligibility requirements and the Entrance Test on All India Basis of various Councils like A.I.C.T.E, P.C.I., I.N.C, B.C.I, N.C.T.E, etc and as per the time to time Policies of the respective State Governments. For the Diploma Courses the Admission Process is governed by the time to time Policies of the University and the local State Government Education Policies and eligibility requirements

Q35) Why is the University name is not in the West Bengal JEXPO or VOCLET Hand Book?

Ans: As you are studying under the University at Madhya Pradesh on Full Time Regular Mode Study basis at the University end therefore the name of the University being located outside the West Bengal State is not shown in the JEXPO and VOCLET Handbook.

Q36) Can I get Swami Vivekananda Merit Scholarship from Govt of West Bengal if I study in the University at Madhya Pradesh ?

Ans: As the University is located at Madhya Pradesh which is an outside Bengal located University therefore the Swami Vivekananda Merit Scholarship Scheme of Bengal is not applicable presently to such students.

Q37) Is there any other good University in Jabalpur or in Bhopal where I can pursue my technical studies ?

Ans: Yes, there is another University named Mahakaushal University located at Jabalpur City at Madhya Pradesh. The Managing Director of Swami Vivekanand University located at Sagar Madhya Pradesh is also the Chancellor of this Mahakaushal University as on date . This University has all the approvals like UGC, INC, PCI, BCI, NCTE and the technical courses are approved by A.I.C.T.E. The University is very large and has got excellent and latest state of the art infrastructure. For more details please see their website Bhopal there is another good private University named RKDF University where you can pursue your Technical Courses. There are also other good private Universities in Madhya Pradesh.

Q38) Are there any affiliated Engineering Colleges of these two Universities ?

Ans: Yes. The Affiliated Engineering College of University, Madhya Pradesh is Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology located at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and the Affiliated Engineering College of Mahakaushal University is Radhaswami Institute of Technology located at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh.

Q39) Which University do I prefer to study my Engineering Course ?

Ans It is upto you to decide upon as both Universities are very reputed and has very good infrastructure. But Jabalpur City is better connected in terms of train and flights and is also better in terms of other personal amenities , food specialities, entertainment , tourism etc

Q40) When should I pay my monthly fees of your Institute ?

Ans As the Academic Session starts from July onwards every year so your monthly fees starts from July onwards. If you have taken late admission you must pay the backlog months payment starting from July onwards every year.

Q 41) There is Electrical & Electronics Engineering Trade in University at Madhya Pradesh but not Electrical Engineering Trade. What is the difference between these two courses ?

Ans Electrical & Electronics Engineering Course is an extended Course of the same Electrical Engineering Trade and is very much equivalent to the Electrical Engineering Trade as per the Trade Equivalence Notification of A.I.C.T.E which may kindly be perused. With this Course you can sit in any Govt Examinations as is seen in various cases. The Industry prefers this Electrical & Electronics Engineering Course from recruitment point of view as a few Electronics subjects are also included in the Electrical Core Trade which makes it complete and relevant as per their needs.

Q 42) If any body asks me in which Engineering College I am studying then what shall I say ?

Ans If you are studying directly at the University Campus on a Full Time Regular Mode basis you are considered as the University student and there will be no College name in your academic documents.In such a case you will say that you are the University student. But if you are studying in any affiliated Engineering College of an University then you can say the name of your College and in some of your academic documents the College and University name will be mentioned.

Q 43) If I only study the Diploma in Engineering or B.Tech at the University end and do not take your Industry Focussed Training will the Package Fees be less or more ?

Ans It will be little less. But you will miss all the various advantages of our Professional Industry Focussed Training including the Placements Assistances, Industrial Internships, Spoken English, Personality Grooming, IQ & EQ Grooming, the rigorous practicals and workshops which you could have very nicely done during your University Vacation, Festival Holidays etc to sharpen your Industry Ready Skills and simultaneously provide you effective coaching and tuition guidance on all your core subjects to excel in your academics

Q 44 ) As I stay in remote village and do not have nearby Banks or Cyber Cafe I may not be able to deposit my University Fees always and regularly ? In such a situation can I deposit my University Fees to you to remit to the University on my behalf ?

Ans Firstly, you must need to get your University Specific Approval for this deposit of your fees by us on your behalf as a matter of gratuitous service and give us your Exclusive Mandate/ Authorisation to deposit your fees on your behalf to the University without any value additions and as a matter of exclusive gratuitous and occasional service and only on a very very selective case and not in general and subject to approval received from the University .The Demand Draft shall be made by us and deposited in the University Bank Account with all your details and a copy of this Demand Draft shall be forwarded to you via text message or by post so that while reconciling the fees dues position at the University end you shall show this document to the University as an evidence. In this connection we shall give you our Institute's Money Receipt for receiving your fees at actuals for reconciling with your University as a matter of evidence and document. But it is always advisable to pay your University Fees directly to the University as per the Rules and Regulations of the University and to avoid any confusion later on as such works of depositing fees on your behalf do not fall within our scope of responsibilities and duties as we are neither Affiliated to the University nor are their Study Centre nor are their Franchisee nor their Off Campus Learning Centre nor their School of Technology etc. We are simply just their Career Counselling representative and do career counseling free of cost and share with them all the course details of the University. Please note we shall not be held responsible for any matters relating to your academics in the event of depositing your fees to the University on your behalf or otherwise even though specific approval or consent has been received by you from your University in this regard.

Q45 ) If I fail to pay monthly fees shall I have to pay fines ?

Ans We do not accept default in payment of fees under any circumstances and no request shall be made in this regard for consideration of delayed fee payment. If you fail to pay your fees by the 5th of the month you shall be first suspended and if you do not pay the fees by the month end you shall be terminated from the Institute instantly.

Q 46) What are your basic criteria for getting the Placements Assistances from our Institute's end ?

Ans The basic criteria for getting the Placements Assistances are - (a) All through 75% Mandatory Class Attendance (b) 90% Mandatory Monthly Mock Tests Attendance (c) Mandatory 80% Attendance in All Practicals & Workshops (d) University Results of CGPA Rank 7. The above major criteria is also mentioned in our Admission Agreement

Q 47) Can I change my Trade in B.Tech after passing Diploma in Engineering?

Ans If the Trade falls in the A.I.C.T.E category of Equivalence Trades Notification you may go for your Trade Change and subject to the approval of the University.

Q48) Will my Industrial Internships or Summer Project Training be considered as an attendance at the University end ?

Ans Yes, subject to the Rules and Regulations of the University prevailing at that point of time.

Q49 ) Do you have any Practicals and Workshop Skill Development Syllabus to be done at your Institute end?

Ans Yes, please see the Practical List Drop Box under WHY US Header of this website. Some of the practicals are done at our Institute end and the rest are done by way of field visit, industrial internships, audio video presentation, visit to ITI & other Training Institutes etc.

Q50) Can I take your Institute's Utkorsh Bangla PBSSD Skill Development Training?

Ans Yes, subject to availability of seats and your eligibility as per our Institute's Rules & Regulations.

Q51) It is found from some comments in Google that your Institute is affiliated to some Universities. Is it right ?

Ans Till 2014 our Institute was affiliated to the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamilnadu and to the Annamalai University, Chidambaran, Tamil Nadu and to the Karnataka State Open University as their Off Campus Study Centre. But after the release of the UGC Order Notification on Territorial Jurisdiction of Universities whereby the opening and operation of any Off Campus Centres or Affiliating Colleges outside any State's Jurisdiction or giving Franchiseeship outside State Jurisdiction etc by Universities were strictly prohibited we also stopped our Off Campus Centre operations forthwith in compliance with the UGC Order and intimated to these Universities.Unfortunately some of the Social Media Marketing Companies who are non existent presently have not deleted their earlier posts from Google and other social media sites. We have written them several times but the letters came back as not found. Many others who are existing have already corrected their posts in the Google and other social websites also which you can view them at par with our website information. Therefore you are advised to ignore all such irrelevant posts

Q52) What will be my technical job role from the Placements Assistances that I will get from your University or Institute ?

Ans As you are a fresher you may be hired as a Junior Trainee Engineer or Trainee or an Apprentice based on Company to Company. Your job role may be either in production or maintenance or design or logistics or quality control or packing or in stores etc as may be decided by the Company. During your work you shall have to work hand to hand with your team members including physical material handling and movement. The appointments are generally done on Third Party Payroll and after one year based on your satisfactory performance you may be taken in Direct Payroll. The salary and other benefits vary vary from Company to Company and Industry to Industry. The duty hours are normally 8 hours of hard core work inside the factory and one hour more for canteen and breaks. But many Companies also insist to work Overtime of 1 to 2 hours a day

Q53) Is your Institute affiliated to any University or Off Campus Study Centre or a Franchisee of any University or any College ?

Ans No, we are neither affiliated to any University nor are their any Off Campus Study Centre nor are their any Franchisee nor are their School of Technology nor any of their Learning Centre. We are simply an independent Technical Training Institute and a professional Coaching Centre imparting industry focused training to all the students for making them industry ready to be successful in their employability and also assist them in coaching and academic guidance of the subjects or courses which they are pursuing study in their respective Colleges and Universities or otherwise. We are also the Training Provider and Training Centre of Poschim Bongo Sector Skills Development Programme under the Utkorsh Bangla Scheme. We have explained in this website by way of Public Notice and Declaration the above information and have also intimated this information in the other pages of the website also.Please note carefully that as we are neither affiliated to the University at Madhya Pradesh or to any other Universities of any other States of our Country as their College nor their Study Centre or their Off Campus Centre nor their Franchisee or their Learning Centre nor their School of Technology or otherwise we are therefore neither under the administrative control or supervision of the University nor do the University communicate with us in any academic matters nor issue of notices or circulars, nor do they conduct any type of examination be it internal or external at our premises nor do they direct us to hold any type of PCP Classes nor do they provide us any type of study materials nor do they provide us the academic documents nor do they provide us with hall tickets for appearing in the examination nor do they provide us the online marksheets nor do they inspect our Institute nor do they seek any security deposit from us nor do they seek any type of information about us nor do they ask us to convey any message to any students regarding their attendance at the University end nor do they allow us to do the online admissions of the students as these are downloaded by the students themselves etc and many more. We are not even mentioned anywhere in the University Portal about any of our association of any nature neither notified anywhere. We are simply an independent Private Coaching and Technical Technical Training Institute like other Private Coaching Centres in the Country but our value added services are much better and professional compared to others. Our website, letter head pads, banners, posters, leaflets and brochures, admission agreement etc clearly mentions everywhere that our Institute is purely a Technical Training Institute and our Kolkata Municipal Corporation Trade Licence also exhibits the trade as " Tuitions in Groups ( Technical)".

Q54) Will I get my Transcript Marksheet from this University?

Ans Yes, please see a photocopy of this document

Q55) Will my original academic documents be verified by the University ?

AnsYes , the University shall verify the authenticity of all your original documents and your School Leaving Certificate as well before issuing your Enrolment Number. At the time of uploading of all your academic documents in the Students Login Portal you shall have to upload the scanned copy of all your original academic documents starting from Class X onwards, your Aadhar Card, Birth Certificate etc to get your Provisional Registration done. The University may retain your original documents for some time if there is a huge administrative rush for verification of the original academic documents and these shall be returned to you forthwith when the verification process gets over. In the event of any of your academic documents found not to be in order then your Registration shall be cancelled forthwith. Please note that you shall have to do your Online Admission Registration process and directly from your system in order to get your Portal Password from the University end for all your future academic purposes.

Q56) In case I do not wish to continue my Course shall I have to pay my monthly Fees to your Institute ?

AnsFirst of all you shall have to pay the full admission fee as per the Admission Agreement signed by you in order to get your University Registration and Enrolment done and once you pay your Admission Fees the same goes to your University directly for the Registration and Enrolment purposes which is Non Refundable. Secondly you shall have to pay your full semester fees before the start of your academic session ie July every year which in your case is being taken on a monthly basis to support you due to your financial distress as a very special case. If you fail to pay your monthly fees you will not be able to appear in your semester exams. None of the monthly fees paid is refundable under any circumstances. If you drop out of the course subsequently then you must have to clear all your pending dues of our Institute's Industry Focussed Training Fees as per the Admission Agreement signed by you since dropping out of the course by you will lead us to suffer huge financial losses which you need to compensate us and which would otherwise not have happened had you not taken your admission and permitted the others to take their admission and who were deprived of their seat would have continued the course.

Q57) Is your Institute Co Educational?


Q58) When was your Institute Emcons Business Academy founded ?

AnsIt was founded in 2010

Q59) When are the Semester Exams for the Engineering & Management Courses held by the University of Madhya Pradesh and when are the results declared by such Universities ?

AnsThe Semester Exams for the Engineering & Management Courses are generally held in June and December every year and the Online Results and Marksheets are declared and uploaded in the University Portal generally within 3 months of completion of all the Semester Exams of all the Engineering Courses. The Hard Copies of the Marksheets are handed over to the students directly by the University Results Section generally after 3 months from the date of declaration of the Online Results and uploaded in the University Portal. Due to the present Covid19 Pandemic there has been inordinate delay in both holding of the pending Exams and issue of the Hard Copy of the Marksheets over the last two years. The Universities are trying their level best to streamline the inordinate delay in holding of the pending exams and issue of the Marksheets. It is to be very clearly noted that all the students shall have to collect all their pending Semester / Yearly Marksheets from the University Results Section directly on their own and at their own cost and risks and our Institute shall under no circumstances be responsible to collect such Marksheets on behalf of the students at any point of time as because such academic matters of holding Exams and issue of Marksheets etc falls under the scope of work, duties and responsibilities of the University itself . For any inordinate delay in receipt of the Marksheets or holding of the Exams the students need to contact the University directly to find out the status of the same and follow their Notices, Orders and Instructions.

Q60) What is the procedure for collecting the Provisional Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate from the University of Madhya Pradesh ?

AnsThe student has to comply with the time to time Rules and Regulations of the University in regard to the system of getting their various Certificates and it is to be clearly noted here and as explained in several pages of this website that the University shall issue the Marksheets, Provisional Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate, Final Certificate, Bonafide Certificate etc to the students directly and not to anybody else. The student after passing their final exams need to apply for the Provisional Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate in the prescribed form and by affixing PP Colour Photo, copies of all passed marksheets and alongwith a Notary Certificate, Sagar Madhya Pradesh Court in the prescribed form where the Declaration apart from other terms and conditions clearly states the attendance criteria attained etc. This form and documents are to be submitted along with the Money Receipt of the University Fees paid for getting the above mentioned Provisional Certificate, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate , Adhar Card Copy, Notary Certificate etc. On receipt of these documents the University shall ask the concerned student to contact the Section Office after 60 days and to collect the above Certificates directly at his own cost and risks and will not be handed over to any one else.

Q61) What is the Procedure for getting the Final Certificate from the University of Madhya Pradesh ?

AnsThe student has to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the University prevailing time to time in regard to the system of getting the Final Certificate which shall be issued by the University directly to the student and not to anybody else. The present system and procedure is that the concerned student shall apply in the prescribed form to the University directly attaching all the previous Marksheets, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Aaadhar Card, Color PP Photograph affixed and signed along with a Self Declaration to be attached duly Notarised by the Notary Public of Sagar Madhya Pradesh where there are various terms and conditions including attendance criteria etc. On submission of the form alongwith the documents the University shall then notify by way of text message to the students usually after 90 days from the date of submission of the form and other documents instructing the student to pay the Certificate Fees to the University directly as per the Fee claimed by the University in this regard. The University shall thereafter call the concerned student to join the Convocation Programme to held at the University end and collect the Final Certificate that time. This Convocation Programme is generally held once a year and as notified by the University time to time. Therefore it is to clearly borne in mind that the student has to visit the University at least twice to get the Final Certificate ie once at the time of filling up the Form and the other is for collecting the Final Certificate directly from the University end by the student and all these are to be done at his/her cost and risks and such Certificate shall not be issued to anyone else

Q62) Are there any Force Majeure Conditions or any Exit Policy Terms and Conditions of the University or your Training Institute ?

AnsYes . In the event of any unforseen circumstances such as Pandemic , Epidemic, Endemic, Lock down, natural calamities like earthquake, storm, flood, fire etc , Civil War, War , Political Turbulence, Economic Turbulance , etc whereby the Institute or University is grossly affected and whereby the Institute Emcons Business Academy closes its business or the University closes down under any Government Regulations, Order or Directive or the Emcons Business Academy Institute closes down due to operational and critical financial reasons then in all such Uncontrollable or Unforeseen or Force Majeure the students shall have to forgo their industry focussed training from our Emcons Business Academy end and bear the responsibilities of such eventualities that ultimately affects their Career and financial losses. In the event of closure of the Emcons Business Academy Institute the student shall continue to pursue their studies from the University directly as before but without any reduction of the Package Fees as per the signed Admission Agreement. In case of any increase in taxes or duties or the Govt levying additional claims or taxes like GST or Service Tax or any type of Cess then under such a situation the student shall have to pay and bear the burden of additional tax or cost burden as levied and if the student disagrees to pay the additional tax burden he/she shall not be permitted to appear in the University Exams by the University etc. Again in course of the continuation of the Course if the University increases their fees of any type then the concerned student shall have to pay and bear the additional burden of the increased fees as charged extra by the University .In any circumstances or situation whereby the legality of the Degree offered by the University is challenged in the Court and the Court Order is adverse then the concerned students shall have to bear the responsibility of such adverse Court Order. In the event of any situation where the students make attempt to form any Student Union or carries out agitation or destroys the property of the Emcons Business Academy Institute then in such a situation the Management of the Institute shall closed down the Institute and the students shall have to forego all the Industry Focussed Professional and Technical Training at the Institute end and no refund of any fees of any type shall be made. Similarly in the event of the decease of the Proprietor of the Emcons Business Academy Institute the Management will be constrained to either close down or sell of the Institute and in such an event the students shall have to forego all the Industry Focussed Professional Technical Training at the Institute end and no refund or adjustment of the Package Fees paid /or to pay shall be done. In the event of the University of Madhya Pradesh or otherwise where the student is studying delays inordinately holding of the Examinations or makes inordinate delay in issue of Marksheets and also the Certificates then in such a situation the student concerned shall have to bear all the responsibilities and loss of career and if they feel so they may resort to taking legal actions directly against the said University as he/she deems fit at the appropriate Court of Law

Q63) Can you please explain the economic feasibility of studying in Madhya Pradesh or other States instead of studying in Bengal ?

AnsFirst of all please note carefully that while selecting and considering the right Institute or College or University for a bright career the economic feasibility is not always to be taken into consideration or expenses compromised. Students agree to pay much higher fees to get admission in Colleges or Universities of repute for attaining better quality of education and getting better Campus Placement Offers and as such the students migrate to other States in search of their best Institute or University. However if we still compare the economic feasibility of studying in Madhya Pradesh Institutes, Colleges or Universities as compared to the ones of Bengal vis a vis the other gains then the economic gains are in the form of - Cheaper Course Fee ie almost 30% -50% lower on same level playing standard Institute, Lower Hostel Cost of approximately Rs 1500/- per month ie yearly Rs 18,000 per year, no Donation or Capitation Fee charged , No Add On Cost charged like many Institutes do so.The Campusing in some of the Branded Madhya Pradesh Universities are excellent and as such the students across the Country come here to study because of the very good Campusing record. As the Campuses are connected to industrially rich States like the Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka , Gujarat, NCR , Haryana , Rajasthan by almost an one night journey the various Companies walk in for Campusing almost regularly in such Universities and the students also migrate in search of better job opportunities to such States also. But it is also a fact that almost 40% of the Seats in several Engineering Colleges and Universities across the Country even in the States like Karnataka , Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra , NCR , Madhya Pradesh etc also are also going vacant if we go through the Press News and Social Media Sites. So before selecting the right College or University one must carefully study the insights and get the students' feedback of such Institutes, University etc

Q64) Why the Engineering Colleges are not able to give better Campus Placements ?

AnsFirst of all it is a Demand and Supply issue where every year around 40000 Polytechnic Engineering students and almost 20,000 Graduate/B.Tech Engineering students pass out whereas there is dearth of enough Industry in Bengal to provide employment to such a huge volume of students passing out every year plus the already unemployed mass of previous year pass out batches. Secondly almost 70% of the students passing out lack the requisite quality of knowledge and technical skills expected by the Industry and also the absence of Communicative Skills and other Personality Traits. Thirdly the Industries from other States are generally reluctant to come to our State for hiring their manpower excepting the IT Industry as because they hire locally their candidates from the local Engineering Colleges as local language is also an important issue for hiring purposes. Fourthly in many cases the local Government also influences the Industry to hire local engineering students as a first priority over the others. Fifthly in our case many Colleges fail to develop rapport and networking with Industries from other States on a continuous basis and as a result there is a wide gap in the Industry connect for Campusing. In view of these reasons several students from our State migrate to other industrially rich States in search of good Campus Placements. Students are advised to read the various Social Media News and other sources to gather more comprehensive information about the above opinion shared by our Industry Experts Professional and verify the facts as stated above

Q65) What are your roles and responsibilities as a Counsellor apart from being a Technical Training Institute and a Coaching Centre ?

AnsApart from being a reputed Technical Training Institute and a Professional Coaching Centre founded in the year 2010 our Institute ie Emcons Business Academy is also in the profession of a Career Counsellor. We do Career related Course Counselling to all the prospective students seeking admission for their higher studies at free of cost. We go to the various Schools and Colleges and share information about the various courses , the job prospects of such courses, which are the best Colleges and Universities to study, the Course Fee Structure and the Hostel Expenses etc. After hearing our Career Counselling presentation the students and their guardians thereafter meet us at our Institute and take further detail information and necessary documents of the various Colleges or the Universities where they are desirous of pursuing their courses for higher studies. In course of sharing the details of the various reputed Colleges and Universities across PAN India we also share more insights and career related courses and the bright job opportunities provided by the Swami Vivekanand University at Sagar Madhya Pradesh and the Mahakaushal University at Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh for all their Traditional, Technical and Management Courses, the Baba Lokenath College of Pharmacy, Science and Research Centre, Sagar M.P for the Pharmacy Courses, the Swami Vivekanand College of Nursing Shadol and Sagar Madhya Pradesh for the GNM and B.Sc Nursing Courses as we are associated with them as their Counsellor. Our roles and responsibilities are only to provide the course related information and the fee structure , hostel expenses , job prospects etc. We categorically tell all the students that they have to take their Full Time Regular Mode Study study at the University end and maintain the mandatory 75% class attendance. The students finally take their decision where to take admission and thereafter fill up their Admission Forms Online in the University Portal by themselves directly by uploading all their academic documents in the Portal , then pay the University Registration and Enrolment Charges and get their Provisional Registration and Enrolment Number. They then go to the University directly for verification of their original academic documents, sign up a Declaration duly Notarised and then pursue their Full Time Regular Mode Study at the University end by staying in the Hostel and maintain their 75% class attendance must. Our roles and responsibilities are only limited to sharing the course details of the University and nothing more. We do not communicate with any of the University or with their affiliated College in any of academic or other related matters and the students seeking their admission communicate with the University or their affiliated College directly and comply with their Rules and Regulations as they study at the University or their affiliated College and follow their Notices, Orders and Directives. We do not convince any student to take admission in any specific University or its affiliated College but give them all the course related options, the career related job opportunities provided by all the Colleges and Universities , the education expenses etc and leave upto the students to take their decision independently. But in course of the Career Counselling we share the details of our Crash and Abridged Industry Focussed Training Modules, the Academic Coaching Methodology, the Handson Project assistances, the Industrial Internships assistances, the Personality Grooming modules, ERP Training, Pre Campusing Interview Training and finally the Placements Opportunities provided by us. All these training are to be taken by the students who are based out in Kolktata on weekends and Public Holidays from 8 am till 4.30 pm and also in the in evening classes on a Flexible Roster basis and those students who are studying outside of the State of Bengal or in District Towns of Bengal take our above Training Programmes during their Summer ,Winter and Puja Vacations and during their Summer Industrial Internships leave , or during their Pre and Post Exam Leave period without compromising on their 75% mandatory class attendance at the University end or in its affiliated Colleges. In such cases the Industry Focussed Skills Development Training are conducted rigorously daily from 8 am till 4.30 and six days a week with special classes on Sundays and Public Holidays with the sole objective of completing all the Training Modules and the revision of the courses by providing professional Academic Coaching. By pursuing our Industry Industry Focussed Training the students crack their Campusing Interviews successfully and get away with their jobs very easily and many score very good academic results also due to our professional coaching. They are also given due guidance and advices for preparing to appear in the various Government jobs. As conveyed in several places in this website we once again confirm that we are not affiliated to any University nor are their affiliated College nor are their Off Campus Study Centre nor are their School of Technology nor are their Franchisee nor are their PCP or Learning Centre etc. The students study at the University end or in its affiliated College and maintain the 75% class attendance must , give their exams thereat, collect their Marksheets and Certificates from the University or affiliated College directly by themselves and comply with all the Rules and Regulations of the University or its affiliated College

Q66) What are your Industry Focussed Training and Academic Coaching Charges and the justification of it ?

AnsIt varies from Course to Course and Module to Module. The charges also depends on how much of training hours you would like to put in as many students wish to take more hours of our Industry Focussed Training. But presently the charges generally ranges from Rs 2200 to Rs 3000 per month as per the course and training modules to be pursued and this training charges are to be paid during the entire academic course duration pursued by the student at the University end or in its affiliated College ie for 2 yrs or 3 yrs or 4 yrs as the case may be in order to make the training totally effective and industry ready for getting the campus placements opportunities and also for performing good results in their academics.The economic justification of the monthly training charges explained above is very very cheap and uncomparable as compared to the prevailing market rate as because the scope of the training involves rigorous academic coaching of 4-5 subjects , Spoken English and Spoken Hindi Coaching, ERP Tally Training , Personality Grooming, Monthly Aptitude Mock Tests followed by answers in order inorder to crack the Campusing , Industrial Internship assistances, Handson Technical Training, Govt Exams preparation guidance , Pre Campus Placements Training, providing Short Term Apprenticeship Training assistances, Field Visits, Technology Parks & Industrial Museums Visits, guiding and assisting the students in making Assignments and Projects and finally providing them Placements Assistances from our end in case they fail to crack the University or its affiliated College Campusing. The current market rate for private tuition fee as charged by the private tutors for any of the courses is between Rs 750 - Rs 1000 per subject per month and that to for 3 days classes per week of 2 hours duration and the Charges for learning Spoken English and Hindi is Rs 500/- each per month minimum and for ERP Tally it is Rs 1000/- per month , for Personality Grooming Modules Training it is minimum Rs 1500/- per month and for Govt Exams preparation it is Rs 2500/- per month minimum. And we have not assessed here the fees for providing the Industrial Internships and Placements Assistances opportunities to all the students which is very high as charged by many Institutes. It is because of such a low and economical fee charged with so many career related benefits that the students show their great desire to pursue our Short Term Abridged Industry Focussed Training. However the Training charges are subject to escalations at any point of time which may kindly be noted here

Q67) What are all the basic terms and conditions to be signed in your Admission Agreement ?

AnsThe basic Terms and Conditions of our Institute's Admission Agreement to be signed by the student and the guardian are ( a) Mode of Study at the University or its affiliated College end (b) Mode of study at our Institute end (c) the various Rules and Regulations of our Institute (d) Package Fee Structure (e) Mode of Payment of Fee and the Due Date of Payment (f) Dress Code (g) Disciplinary actions to be taken (h) Force Majeure conditions and Exit (i) Arbitration (j) Self Declaration by the student (k)Validity of the courses of the University etc (l) Placements Assistances criteria and conditions which is basically - mandatory 75% class attendance, 90% mock class attendance, 80% practical class attendance, University Result of 7 CGPA, No choice of job or Company or location or salary, No drop in interview, etc

Q68) Will my Original Class X & XII or Diploma Admit Card, Marksheet & Certificates be taken for verification by the University ?

AnsYes as per the procedure and practice of the University prevailing at that point of time. First of all you shall have to scan all your original academic documents and upload the same in your University Portal and thereafter submit the original documents for verification by your University which shall ne returned after due course of verification. In case any document is found to be fake at any point of time then your registration shall be cancelled forthwith and necessary stern legal actions shall be taken against you which please note carefully

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