1) EMCONS BUSINESS ACADEMY was founded in the year 2010 and is a reputed independent Technical Training Institute and has a group of retired seniour professionals and academecians as advisors to the management. The sole objective and mission of the Institute is in transforming career goals into reality by imparting and developing tradewise, sectorwise, industry prescribed specialized skills sets amongst the various students who are pursuing their full time regular mode studies in I.T.I or Diploma in Engineering or B.Tech or B.C.A Courses etc and also imparting the personality , grooming , presentation skills and entrepreneurship development programme amongst the B.B.A and M.B.A students with the sole purpose of effectively enabling and connecting them to the Industry for their placements opportunities. The Institute has large connectivity to all sectors of industry and have tie up agreements for manpower recruitment services with several branded Companies. These Companies regularly hire their entry level technical and commercial manpower from our Institute on a regular basis and also refers us to other Corporates for hiring our trained students. It is because of our excellent placement track record that the students from various Districts of West Bengal as well as other States prefer to take our various Skill Sets Training Programmes in addition to their basic academic full time regular mode study at their University end or in the affiliated College of the University as the case may be in order to get the part time/full time placement assistances from us as the case may be after going through the industry focussed training from our Institute.

2) Our Institute is also the approved Training Provider and Training Center for imparting Technical and Sector Skills Development Programmes under Poschim Bongo Sector Skills Development (PBSSD), Utkorsho Bangla Schemes, Karigori Bhavan, Government of West Bengal in various Sector Skills. In addition to this our Institute is also providing Apprenticeship Training at various Companies through their various Training Partners under NEEM and NAPS Training Programmes and Schemes. The students who take their technical training study their basic academics in their respec tive affiliated Engineering Colleges of any University or directly at their University Campus as the case may be whether located in Bengal or in other States and its is only during their availability during their long seasonal and festival vaca tion, or during pre and post exam study leave or during their off classes or weekends etc they take our crash and abridged industrial and industry focussed skills based training along with a tutorial assistance for revision of their basic theoretical subjects of their respective academic courses pursued by them with the Universities or any of their affilia ted colleges

3) Our Institute in addition to the above is also in the profession of Career Counselling and in Executive Development Training Programmes. Besides this our Institute is also the Authorised Counsellor of the Swami Vivekanand University located at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh which is a Private University and is recognized by U.G.C , Govt of Madhya Pradesh, Ministry of Human Resources and Development Govt of India. Our scope of work and responsibilities are to only share the basic course related information of this University and the career prospects, the fee structure, the academic approval details etc and based on this academic information sharing the students then decide upon whether to study in this University or not. Besides this University we are also engaged in the academic cooperation and knowledge sharing process, mutual exchange of students visits in Industry for internship and education projects etc with the Mahakaushal University located at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh which is another very reputed University. Further we also do Career Counselling with the students to make Pharmacy as a Career and share the academic and course related details of the Baba Loknath Pharmacy, Science and Research Centre located at Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. We also share the academic information about the various Nursing Courses of the Swami Vivekanand College of Nursing located at Shadol Madhya Pradesh. All these Career Counselling and academic information sharing services to the students are done free of cost.

4) The Technical Courses of the University and its affiliated Colleges are approved by A.I.C.T.E , the Pharmacy Courses by the P.C.I , the Nursing Course by the I.N.C, the L.L.B Courses by the B.C.I etc.

5) The interested students after hearing our Career related Counselling Information and taking all other academic details and after verifying all the relevant documents take their own decision in seeking their admission in the above University or its affiliated Colleges. They then get all their academic details uploaded in the University Portal on their own independently and thereafter primarly get their Registration Number from the University and after submission of Original School Leaving Certificate/ Migration Certificate they then get their Enrolment Number from the University end. All these information will be exhibited in the University Portal which the students will be able to view by logging in with their own User ID and Password given to them by the University. They then go to the University or its affiliated College to study their Courses on Full Time Regular Mode Study basis by staying in the hostel or private mess and maintain the minimum mandatory class attendance as directed by the University or the affiliated College in this regard in order to be eligible to appear in their University examinations. The students give their University examination at the University Campus or at the affiliated College Campus in the State of Madhya Pradesh or wherever the other University is located in that State itself and follow all the Rules and Regulations of the University and the U.G.C and A.I.C.T.E or other applicable Councils ie P.C.I, I.N.C, N.C.T.E, B.C.I etc. The student uses their own portal to download their Admit Card/Hall Ticket for appearing in their University exams and also download their Online Results or Marksheet and take printouts for future references , higher studies and getting jobs. They also come to know about the important Notices and Circulars from the University Portal also. Those who are not following the Rules and Regulations of the University regarding the mandatory minimum class attendance are not permitted to sit in their exams by the University. All these vital information and the Rules and Regulations of the University and also the other Terms and Conditions of our Institute are clearly discussed during the Counselling time and mentioned in the Admission Agreement of our Institute which is signed by the student and his/her guardian with a Self Declaration duly Notarised in the Court from our end.

6) It is to be clearly noted here that our Institute Emcons Business Academy is neither affiliated to the Swami Vivekanand University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh or to the Mahakaushal University, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh or to any other University or to any of their affiliated Colleges nor are any of their Off Campus Centre nor a Study Centre nor a Franchisee nor a School of Technology nor a Learning Centre nor any Education Board etc of the University etc. We are simply an independent Private Academic Coaching and Training Institute imparting industry focussed industrial training and academic coaching to the students for facilitating their placements opportunities and for attaining their academic excellence and all round industry accepted grooming performance. We are not under the administrative control or supervision of any of the aforesaid University neither the University conducts any PCP Mode Study nor conducts any examination at our Institute end nor the University provides any type of study materials nor issues us any type of academic orders, or instructions, notices, circulars nor inspect our Institute premises as required by the UGC and other related authorities . The University does the admission process of the students directly on their own through their Online registration process , issues individual user ID and password to the students to operate their own portal and directs all the students to study directly at the University end on a full time regular mode study basis and thereby maintaining the mandatory class attendance thereat. In case the mandatory class attendance as directed by the University is not maintained then the concerned student is not permitted to sit in their examination save and except in cases of utmost critical and dire situation supported by documentary evidences eg medical challenges the University may take a liberal and special view for considering such dire and critical situation to give the approval from for appearing in the examination.The students collects their marksheets and certificates from the University or from its affiliated College and does their projects, practicals,workshop and assignments at the University or in its affiliated Colleges itself in course of their full time regular mode study thereat. Those students who wish to pursue their technical, management or traditional courses from the Mahakaushal University, Jabbalpur, Madhya Pradesh will have to apply online with the Admission Form and then upload all their scanned copies of their academic documents in the Students Login Portal of the above Mahakaushal University Jabbalpur on their own, then get their Provisional Registration No processed by paying the Registration and other various Admission related fees, then get their original academic documents verified by the University and finally submit a Declaration to the University duly notarised by Notary Public that they will study their Full Time Regular Mode Study at the University end and maintain the mandatory class attendance criteria thereat. They will also have to give their exams at the University Campus or in any of their affiliated College and collect their Bonafide Certificate, Marksheets, Provisional Certificates, Transfer & Migration Certificate and Final Certificate as the case may be from the University directly.They will have to pay their fees to the University directly either by Demand Draft or through Online Banking System or any other mode as intimated to the student by the University. This University is UGC Approved, State Govt of Madhya Pradesh Approved, the Technical Courses are Approved by A.I.C.T.E , University is also Approved by the Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission, Ministry of Human Resources and Development Approved etc. These approval may kindly be verified either from the University website or from U.G.C Website or from the A.I.C.T.E website as the case may be. Please note that we are neither Affiliated to this Mahakaushal University nor we are their Study Centre nor we are their Learning Centre nor we are their Off Campus Centre nor their School of Technology or otherwise.

7) The students who are pursuing their full time regular mode study at the outside Bengal University end or in any of its affiliated College end take their industry focussed skills development training and academic coaching from our Institute only during their availability in the town specially during their various vacations from their University or their affiliated College ie summer and winter vacations, or during their long festival leave or during their industrial projects or assignments duration or during their pre and post examination preparation duration or during other holiday occasions. An abridged rigorous flexible tuition and training roster will be provided to such students which will be conducted on a six days week basis and also take some additional special classes on Sundays and on Public Holidays with mutual consent and this type of training is done with the primary objective of giving maximum hours of training exposure in the given available time of the students.Those students who are based out at Kolkata and interested to take our above industry focussed training will similarly have a separate and flexible training roster. It may be clearly noted here that our Institute's Skill Development Training is purely optional and is not at all mandatory and has got no relation to your taking Admission in the University end directly or in any of its affiliated College end for taking your full time regular mode study thereat.It need to be noted here very carefully that the above University or any of its Affiliated College does all the Registration and Enrolment process of the admission of the students in total compliance of its Eligibility , Rules and Regulations etc with the students independently and directly, conducts the daily regularly mode class studies, the practicals and workshops , the projects and assignments etc , and monitors the mandatory class attendance of 75% of the students, issues various Notices, Orders and Directives, collects the fees from the students, conducts all the exams at their own Campuses, issues the Exams Hall Tickets to the students, issues to all the students directly their Marksheets and Provisional Certificates, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Final Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, etc .The University or its Affiliated College communicate with the students in all matters with the students directly and vice versa. As our Institute Emcons Business Academy is neither an affiliated College of the University nor their Off Campus Study Centre nor their Franchisee nor their School of Technology nor their Education Board nor Academic Centre northeir PCP Centre ( Personal Contact Programme) nor their Learning Centre etc but simply an Independent Private Technical Training Institute and a Private Academic Coaching Centre the University as such does not communicate on any academic matters with us nor issues us any types of directives or administrative orders etc and we are not under any type of administrative control of the University. The students pursing their course has to study their classes on a Full Time Regular Mode basis at the University Campus end or at any of its Affiliated College and abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the University or its affiliated College and none of the University's academic documents issued to the students has any reference anywhere about our Institute name or any of its details. Our scope and responsibilities is limited to just to doing the Career Counselling by way of sharing of the University's various Courses, career prospects, eligibility, the course fees, hostel and other expenses etc at completely free of cost and leave upto the student to decide whether he/she is interested to pursue their studies with the University or any of its affiliated College. If they wish to take our Industry Focussed Technical Training and Private Academic Coaching they can do so only when they are available in town during their Summer, Winter, Festival Vacations or during their Summer Industrial Training or Internships or during their Pre and Post Exam Leave period or otherwise and taking such Programmes are purely voluntary and optional and has got no relation in taking the admission in the University or any of its Affiliated College.

8) For information of the Public at Large it is to state that until the year 2013 we were the Authorised Study Centre of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tamil Nadu, the Annamalai University of Chidambaram, Tamilnadu and the Karnataka State Open University of Bangalore, Karnataka for conducting B.B.A, M.B.A and Traditional Courses and which were ultimately closed down on receipt of the directive received from the Universities as per the UGC Notification on Territorial Jurisdiction notified in 2013 and subsequently in 2014. Unfortunately some of the Social Media Marketing Companies with whom our Institute has no connection, business, neither any relation nor any association have published certain wrong information about us that we are an affiliated College of the Swami Vivekanand University and other Universities as stated above and some stated that we are accredited by UGC etc without taking our consent and which were completely wrong and baseless. While many of them have deleted these wrong information but inspite of our repeated reminders a few of them have still not corrected these wrong and baseless information and we are still pursuing the matter with them but are unable to reach out to them as they are not traceable or reachable. We have issued letters to them but such letters have come back returned from post as not found. Therefore all are hereby requested not to consider this false and baseless information still in circulation in the Social Media and follow the information conveyed in our Institute website.

9) Our Institute has no Branches or Agencies or Firms or Consultants anywhere in the Country and therefore all are requested to contact our Institute directly without getting entrapped with unauthorized and unscrupulous persons in regard to your admission. For any University related matters you may make a RTI to the Universities or their affiliated Colleges and get clarified regarding the information conveyed to the students.

10)All the students and their guardians are hereby advised to read thoroughly all the pages of this Institute website and especially the FAQ Part , the Career FAQ, the Approval Documents of the University etc in details so as to know more about the status of the Institute ie Emcons Business Academy, the mode of study at the University end, the Rules & Regulations and the Fee Refund Policy of the aforesaid Institute etc which has been very very clearly and transparently mentioned and clarified at all levels. They are also advised to speak to our students and or their guardians, the trainers and the Career Counsellors as well and get all their doubts cleared. They are also advised to speak to the University authorities and get detailed confirmation on all queries and the documentary evidences as well.

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